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  1. This is exactly what i wanted. I hope more people will remember the missions and contribute for noobs like myself.
  2. Hello everyone,     Im pretty new to the game and i'm wondering which missions give build schematics. ( any build skill)   In the mission area section i've seen the Agrippa missions, Terran advantage, shooting star reactor, intent & aspiration, menorb comps mission and OCD.   There must more which have not been mentioned on the forum.   I only know of the tado o gate raid triggers, but i have no idea who to see about that.   My question to everybody, would you mind posting about other build schematic missions.   Thanks,   Blackneck
  3. I have a follow up question, where is the spawn trigger in dahin for the synthesized crystal.
  4. As a beginner Terran player i find this very helpfull, but i was confused by the  bile cannons, later i noticed bile launchers were ment.   Since this topic was started more then a year has there been any changes, example new and/or beter combos for terrans?
  5. I did get killed about half way, Ill try again soon, Thx for the info
  6. I have a problem, it tells me to kill 12 lvl 52 chavez commanders. After killing about 20 odd still no progression with the mission... Does anybody have any advice besides keep killing them untill mission update shows up?   Thx in advance!
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