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Please do NOT(!) chat here, this topic is for server related messages (crash, restarts etc.) so please post status reports for the live server only.




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It appears the server has gone belly up again, its not responding after login and toon selection or you can login but do nothing at all......what's been happening in the past week? 😡


as of 17:45 GMT sat looking at galaxy map but cant get any further.....

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Following todays server Maintenace as of 3pm GMT the login server appears to be working and we can get to the character selection screens but after that on the Galaxy map screen it sits and waits, and waits....icon on the task bar says "waiting for server" and never connects. This is happening on all my PC's not just one, although on the client it does say betewen 5-7 are logged in.


Just thought I would point this issue out as no one else has posted.

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30 minutes ago, YetiGBR1 said:

I'm seeing quite a few people reporting they are having issues logging in to the server to play and on the web site Zackman. not sure IF the server is playing up again 🤨

I'm hitting the galaxy map, the Net-7 proxy says it's at "Stage 1 complete". But I never get past that point.

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