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  1. Server offline 8:09 am EST. 7/20/21 looks like another auto restart hicup.
  2. Woody told me to post in forums so here it is
  3. 7/12/21 9:30pm est game keeps crashing and disconnecting all players. 2 times in less than 30 min sofar that i have noticed.
  4. Login server is down... 7/6/21 4:45 pm EST
  5. Finally says server is up but still will not log in. 12:09 am est 6/30/21
  6. NVM its just wonky it seems. i selected a different position on the account and it let me move it. guess it didn't want a terran standing on the far left
  7. I cannot seem to xfer one of my toon to another linked account Rejected: Something is not correct with this move - you can report it on forum Tables not empty: (avatar_equipment, avatar_level_info, avatar_position, avatar_skill_levels, faction_data)
  8. Sinjen


    Howdy I know another person tried to do a discord channel for the game but it seemed to be riddled with problems with invites and such. I have a server that has been up and running a few years now without any issues. I invite you all to join. and lets play... Tomakh, Anjen and Clasious https://discord.gg/NFhgwAPnVA
  9. yup ,mine is out as well crashed when entering a station global server connection failed same as last night .
  10. only roid fields i have found that were not already on enbmaps.de are the few inside the gravwell maze on the way to ROC
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