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  1. I have the same issue, but since I have a big screen I decided to run four windows and shift them around the screen so I can see every window. I can run a group of four ships and not have to alt/tab or do anything but play all my screens. I can everything happening at once.
  2. I believe grav link 5 still debuffs impact. I remember that as well.
  3. I decided to play some alts and get Chavez faction on them. I have two questions about these missions. 1. I have a ship that I accidently hit continue on the Chavez Resources mission. I didn't want to hunt up 300 aesirum and instead continue to the component mission. Is there anyway to get rid of the ore mission? I can't continue the mission line. 2. I have a TT that started with +1000 Chavez faction. I can't get the first mission line for the ores. OL is 90. Any reason for this? Thanks.
  4. Anyone having gating issues? I keep losing connection when gating. Every time now.
  5. It’s really an AA in disguise.
  6. Did the server go boom? I just got on a few minutes ago, gated, began combat, then everything stopped. Can't log back in.
  7. Can't get in game since 10pm EST.
  8. I can log in my credentials but never get past the blue screen. This since around 10pm EST.
  9. To piggyback off of what Yeti said, I logged in three times and three times tried to gate into Paramis and all three times got stuck at the gate with an unresponsive ship.
  10. Tuesday morning 9:13 am EST, server offline. I know this is a maintenance day but usually it doesn't take this long. Or is it an issue on my end?
  11. Penicillin becomes a hot new trade good.
  12. Damn, so I need to rebuild all those beams I took apart.
  13. I am at the end of Stage III weapons with a PW. I have to give the parts to Archtecti Telem for my final lv 9 flechette print. To do this I need a Stage III encryption. I have 10 SOOA's in my hold to exchange for encryptions, but Architecti Composita doesn't even acknowledge that I have any for turn in. My Collegia faction is 21,000 while my RD faction is around 3,100, so that should not be an issue. Any ideas? Edit: Yes, I moved everything around in my hold.
  14. That worked, but I also had Windows Defender messing things up. Fixed it. Now I have another issue I need help with. I can't get the game out of windowed mode--the game is running on half my screen. I tried opening EnB config but the file won't open! At least the game runs. Any help or ideas?
  15. I am setting up a second computer to run the game. I installed the game with no problems, but when I try to login I end up with “failure to connect to server” (or login, can’t recall right now). Someone has seen this I’m sure. All four boxes are checked on that login page.
  16. Quite a few pilots waiting in Jupiter for hours over the past few days and no Santa. Can this be checked?
  17. Never mind, 1:45 and working, must have been my connection.
  18. 1:40 EST, says offline. Was having funny issues about 5 minutes before this.
  19. Yes, stuck in Glory's Orbit while exploring the navs. Couldn't target anything.
  20. Yes, this thread is watched. Just remember that we are scattered around the globe and the people that handle this may be asleep.
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