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  1. I inly check here once a day. but i try the launcher many multiple times a day. every time i sit down at at pc. even at work
  2. KYP , I should just drop it but i really think you took what i said the wrong way. now ill drop it.
  3. Great up an update... just missing the part that matters. a rough timeline. none of us want to be the last one back on in the game so many of us are checking multiple times a day. so something like, we are trying to have it restored this week. or next week or next month would be great. in 50 years the only people i have gotten away with saying it will be done when its done is my kids. everybody else wanted to at least have an idea of how long something would take.
  4. Well almost. lol nice to see this back up lets us all feel like some progress is being made. thanks guys.....
  5. Server offline 8:09 am EST. 7/20/21 looks like another auto restart hicup.
  6. Woody told me to post in forums so here it is
  7. 7/12/21 9:30pm est game keeps crashing and disconnecting all players. 2 times in less than 30 min sofar that i have noticed.
  8. Login server is down... 7/6/21 4:45 pm EST
  9. Finally says server is up but still will not log in. 12:09 am est 6/30/21
  10. NVM its just wonky it seems. i selected a different position on the account and it let me move it. guess it didn't want a terran standing on the far left
  11. I cannot seem to xfer one of my toon to another linked account Rejected: Something is not correct with this move - you can report it on forum Tables not empty: (avatar_equipment, avatar_level_info, avatar_position, avatar_skill_levels, faction_data)
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