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  1. Same for me, get to character screen just fine but get "Server failed to respond to sector login" message.
  2. Your responses add nothing to the conversations and make no sense. Not a soul has asked to be able to snipe anything and I dont know anyone that plays his Jen that way.
  3. Matsu, on 05 Feb 2013 - 20:10, said:   Sorry, we didn't exactly get the source code for the client so some things are a bit of trial and error. As far as summon, it greatly depends on what you're trying to summon at this very moment. Something considerably higher than you, or a raid boss for example is EXPECTED to resist you on most attempts.   Kyp, I have posted before if I could buy you guys a steak and a beer I would. Pretty much what you guys have done with nothing is amazing. The problem I have is, sense we are talking about it I will use the Beam damage at range as an example. WE all know many things in the game still needs work, as I mentioned range doesn't alway read correct, certain devices don't work correct. We all know these things but someone gets bent out of shape because beams shoot a long ways with a setup no one would really use.   So you nerf beams, why does summon have to have a resist, who really cares if they work 100% of the time. The toons were not balanced in original live, how you going to do it now. Just keep it fun Kyp, fix things as you get to them and don't worry about balance. Keep the game fun and don't nerf it to death. Real life is tough, the game should be fun not frustrating. You have a couple of hours to play, you don't feel like grouping, you don't really want to work against regular mobs.  Raids are different, make them tough, honestly I love some of the raid changes you guys have made.   I don't like seeing all the negative posts Kyp, it bothers me. You guys work hard, but people are flustered. We want the game great as much as you guys do. Just ask for help and tell us what we can do, I bet you would be surprised at the response. I have rambled enough man, I promise you 99% of these posts mean no disrespect. Just flustered players is all.
  4. That skill is more like 10-15% atm. I can expect somewhere between 7-10 tries most of the time. Sometimes less but rarely.
  5. Just so you Devs know, the beam nerf worked great, other than the fact the ranges are messed up on mobs, sometimes range will say 2.3K but you can't debuff with a Lv9 Chim. it gives out of range message and Chim 9 has 3.5K range. Also some of the mobs move so fast you can't keep them close, thats ok we can summon, O wait, summon was nerfed also and I got a resist 5 straight attempts on that skill. So you guys have the nerfs down cold, it's just the other stuff that you don't.
  6. Just so you guys know, controller did not drop the core again. Could we please get this looked at.
  7. You can blow your own horn all you want as to knowledge of class play. That is a matter of opinion and can't be proven so I want go as far as you as say I know more. People try to give valid arguments as to the way they see the game going and you always seem to try to make it personal and a pissing match. My opinion on the game is as I have posted many times. Many things done in game are good and the work is greatly appreciated. That said many in the player base atm disagree with the way the game is heading and feel the Devs are out of touch with the player base atm. We don't understand all the nerfs and worry about some things when there are many more bugs to worry about. We would like to just keep the game fun is all.
  8. So it has gone from 8.19 range to 9K range now. The only Beam I know of with that kind of range is the Proto, it doesn't do the damage the better beams do. Also with no debuff, which you can't at that range it would take forever to kill the higher lv. mobs. You are taking 1 beam out of content to make your argument. Better stick to your PW Stanig because your knowledge of JDs is lacking.   Also for Matt, the misses on beams is on a par or more than missiles.
  9. All of that would be great if some mobs were not linked the way they are. Many more than live now see cloaked also. Some mobs now you use the coma on and it goes nuts, rubber-band in and out of range. The game still has many, many bugs. I think we all must be patient and take compromises at this point. I realize the Devs are working hard and trying their best. I just question a few of the decisions they make as far as agro for mobs ect.   WE all pull for the Devs and hope they think about the changes made and just keep the game fun for us all. Myself, I could care less about balance, the Original live toons were not balanced. Why now and how do you do that. getting back to beams why do they lose damage at range when missiles and projectiles don't.  I have had a DEv tell me straight up, this is not original live and he hates that argument when people quote a problem. OK then, make this EMU better, the original wasn't perfect. JMO but just keep the game fun, careful with the nerf bats. Don't force everyone to group or dual box for everyday mobs. I understand the need for groups in Raids and agree, but keep it fun for the casual player for everyday grinding. Through them a bone, let them get a few nice drops and make some credits.   I think the Dev team has made some nice changes and done some great things. I just wish they were more in tune with the player base atm. Just my 2 cents guys. I am sorry to ramble on about different thoughts on this thread about beam damage.
  10. Instead of dismantle, why not something like rejuvanate equipment. It would work something like Call Forward, you would buy an overide for say 10 mil. You could use this to bring your loot only Boss drop that has lost Qt. in raids up to say 110%. Group with PP, install device, name whats to be fixed.  Just an Idea.
  11. The plain truth is not everyone enjoys grouping for different reasons. You may only have an hour or two to play. You may have RL issuse to deal with. You just plain may not like to group. The game should be as enjoyable for these people as the ones that enjoy grouping. They should not be forced to either group or multibox to enjoy the game. There should be plenty to do for all. Now, to raid the need for groups is plain, but for everyday game play you shouldn't be forced to group if you don't like or enjoy doing so. JMO
  12. Cosmo3

    Healer Agro

    On the higher lv mobs abilities like, Befriend, Hack, Bio-Surpress. and Menace are nothing more than a skill point sink. You get a resist 95% of the time and do nothing more than waste your reactor. And yes I have tried them also.
  13. Cosmo3

    Healer Agro

    Our guild did a controller raid this morning. There was no way to keep a healer alive. The way it was this morning is your healers become the main tank.  All I ask of the devs is they look at it and see if it is working the way they want it to. Five healers in 2 and a half groups and at least 3 of the healers died 15 times or more.
  14. Same as the rest, get to the blue map loading screen then crashes to desk top.
  15. Down again, not sure I have seen the game in this shape sense early bata. I am sure the DEvs are at odds end and I am pulling for them to get things going again.
  16. Same as above, map loading screen and thats it.
  17. Any way to get a rough estimate guys? Anything would help. I would like to play but if going to be awhile will get some sleep and try tomorrow. BTW I know this bothers you Devs as much as us players. Good luck with your work and thanks for your time. 
  18. I think sometimes it is the proximity of the hulk to mobs and it takes awhile to mine say 40 debris. The mobs hitting you interrupts your mining of the debris. I would love to see the mining operation not be interrupted as long as you can tank the damage. I feel this would help in some of the fields with mobs guarding the hulks.
  19. [quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1355436073' post='68995'] lol. You really want to go there? Ok lets go there. There is no pleasing some of you people. You want this, you get this, you complain. You want that, you get that, you complain. No matter what the dev team does, you complain. Complain complain complain. Nothing is ever good enough, I gave an example of missed stuff, and now youre saying i wont rest til people do it? I dont care if you do it or not, but dont whine that theres nothing to do when youre 150 with nothing to actually do. You feel me? It was there and those who chose to race to the 150 thinking thats all there is, well... sorry. *shrug* [/quote] Why do you (Stanig) get so defensive and hostile? The players want the same thing you Devs want, a great game that everyone wants to play. We do realize there will be compromising and no one will ever be completely happy but name calling solves nothing.
  20. [quote name='Stanig' timestamp='1355436624' post='68999'] I think i crossed over two things here. I saw two questions in the OP. Should the jobs be toned down? Yes I believe so. Why? Because new stuff has been added in place of where it used to be only jobs. Im not saying one over the other, but realistically jobs in and of themselves have been needing balanced for a long time, and I gave one example of how theres stuff to replace any loss that may come with the loss of the one method everyone grew to use. I dunno, alternatives are good I guess? I dont know the plans exactly for the jobs system. I do know that for the live purists out there, they would recognize that this version here in the EMU is giving both far too much experience, and far too many jobs per cycle compared to 10 years ago. [/quote] The only thing I would question is why compare anything to 10 years ago. The Devs have decided to change many things from live, some I think for the good, IMO some not for the good. As far as nerfing the Jobs I don't understand why, if you nerf the jobs to the point no one does them, they will just go to the next thing where they can level the quickest. Do we nerf everything to the point the game is work and not fun? I believe anything that is done needs to be looked at long and hard.
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