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  1. What is going on with the server. Any updates?.
  2. Wow the server is really like live lol just kidding but really whats up lately.
  3. How long does the restart normally take
  4. [quote name='Kyp' timestamp='1320446818' post='48052'] I'll look through the old master design docs sometime this weekend and find some details for ya. [/quote] your the man
  5. Rat died of old age and the pet store is closed.
  6. please review this link [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiJMw0Op8pc&feature=related"]My link[/url] this was a vid from live and if you search youtube there are othere if you watch the shield it seems to be recharging still why they are in battle. i with there mouse was ver the shield but it is not. I am almost 100% sure shields always recharged. I remember leaving my lvl 150 TE in live at a nav overnight by misteak do to an emergency. there was a lvl 1 mob attaching it for the night and my TE nver die. If shield never recharged he would have kills over but my shields charged faser then the DPS a lvl 1 could do. not saying i'm right but thats how i remember and the live Vids seem to show it too.
  7. Correct me if i'm wrong, but Shields in live never stopped recharging. As it is now i have noticed tht at first attack your shields stop recharge until the attacking stops then after a few seconds it recharges again.
  8. I don't seem to be able to get most of the PP Skills says Bug: report me on them.
  9. well figured it out. i guess i did not have rights some how. cleared the install and now she is up and running. enb lives on with win 8
  10. has anyone tested this on windows 8 dev preview yet. i just started messing with it and getting it is not a valid win32 program on the enb side net 7 seems to run ok. any ideas
  11. I Started to play a JD but the beam options just are not there. No Ghost edge or DP's in the game yet. As soon as we get some mordana i'll hope to a JD.
  12. well put Also have you ever really counted 15 sec it is not as short as you think it is. Really think about it start killing a mob and count. I'm not saying the mob was killed in 15 sec but after counting it and time it on a stop watch it might be closer then you think. Try it
  13. This was explained Fact is White knows how to play his PW and anyone that has played the PW on ST4 knows that Sap hits for a ton. TEs are great but my guess is as Plamsa is the way to go. You all were using plasma. Well plasma has to tick off. Impact is all at damage in the sec it hit the mob. ad that with sap you have a good chance of getting 50.01% damage. also Missle Delay and distance to mob can add to it. I think alot of us at Static feel it is funny how Von posted about this. Call it what you will this post was made to whine and call our Guild member out. As i said in my last post we watch out for each other. Also the fact about how shady we know Von can be because of what happened in ST3 and he wants to make this an issue after what he did. nuff said Static I ask for you all to Stop posting on this and Admin please close this thread I see trouble coming.
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