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  1. same problem here just done the update now carnt get on with any account,
  2. zant45

    Damage Inc.

    hey chopjai if ur still looking to join ar guild give us a shout in general, just ask for damageinc and 1 off my offices will join u up
  3. zant45

    Raid Rotation

    There has been alot off talk about Triggers going to wasted,there been talk in my guild and good few other guilds,, player have asked what would happen if we take the trigger,,well i dont realy know what would happen not that i would let any1 in my Guild kill steal a trigger anyway, But come on GUYS in the Big 3 if u guys dont have Inuff player to do the Raid Why dont u guys ask for puplic help, Why dont u guys do what we do if we doing a Puplic FB if there is wep or devices, exctra, u guys need just reserved it and we roll on everthing els lets keep the raids going for everyone,,Its a damm shame to watch trigger go to wasted,, Zant
  4. zant45

    Damage Inc.

    Damage Inc Looking for new player Who want to join a good frienly guild who  have fun,, If ur looking for a guild try use out, Ask for us on general/market 1  off ar  office will Invite u too ar guild :D  or ask about ar guild and 1 off my office will tell u about us ty Zant (Admiral) :ph34r:
  5. zant45

    Unable To Log In After Update

    same here i carnt log on :(
  6. zant45

    Damage Inc.

    yes we ar still recuiting Kaidox,, if u ask on general for Damage Inc some 1 from the guild will sign u up,, if waite till 11pm UK time and ask for  me Zant or Tsu we sign u up ok ty Zant
  7. zant45

    Damage Inc.

    Damage Inc is still looking for player who want to join a great guild and great players who ar allway ready to help u,,  ty ZANT
  8. Hi Every1  I like too back Syber and Cia  plus Mongo for public consul, I would like too put my self Up there with  the 3 Guys but am in the UK and the time diffrence mite stop me from going too the meetings, so good luck guys who ever get the place on the cousul,, ty Zant
  9. zant45

    Damage Inc.

    Damage Inc,, Is Recruiting Players So if u want to join a freindly Guild and Great players,, over 450+ memebers Come on down and join us  Zant :)
  10. zant45

    Wolfsjennie of TeamRelaxed passed on

    sorry to Hear the news, Pls Give my Condolences to u and ur family,  R.I.P My friend,, Damage Inc, Fly Free my Friend ,,
  11. zant45

    Server Status (outdated)

    server just went BOOM :unsure:
  12. zant45

    Server Status (outdated)

    server just gone Bang :(
  13. zant45

    Server Status (outdated)

    mmm server just went BANG,, ( happy Xmass guys ) :(
  14. zant45

    Server Status (outdated)

    yes that what am getting too :(
  15. zant45

    Server Status (outdated)

    ok server is back up,, but everytime i put my name ans PW saying it the rong PW carnt get in  :(