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  1. Extreme server lag. Game is unplayable. Not just me. Everyone online complaining about the lag. And of course as soon as I make this post, it gets better. Guess I fixed it by complaining. Nope, still laggy as soon as I got into combat.
  2. login servers aren't working for me. Also when I tried to change accounts while logged in I get a message saying EA.com is offline. Other 2 accounts currently logged in with are working fine.
  3. Something going on with the server. People complaining of crashing in /new chat. When I log an alt in it's like he doesn't exist and then the game crashes. Got my alt in and tried warping to my main and he blew right past him and I couldn't do anything with that client expect to end task. Server status now says STARTING in the client.
  4. Can we send someone to wake up that person? lol Anyone have their phone number? Zachman, sorry for the nonsense postings to this thread. I'm new to the emulator and wasn't aware of the issues that you have experienced with this thread. I will keep my comments to server status and nothing but server status. My apologies.
  5. yes I'm sorry. It was totally a serious curious question. On the other hand, WTF are people sleeping when the server is down?!?!?!?!?! jokes again.... but for real I'm dying over here. I had great plans for my Friday night to be spent in E&B lol
  6. Does this even do anything by posting server crashes and problems here? Not being a jerk or anything, I'm just curious if this thread is still monitored after 7 years.
  7. Yes, was getting massive lag spikes. Gated out of cooper and got the server failed to respond to login attempt. Unable to log in now. All I get is that failed to respond message.
  8. Can confirm server issues. Able to log into the game, when loading into a character game just locks up. If able to get in, got lock ups undocking and trying to gate.
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