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  1. I have the same issue, but since I have a big screen I decided to run four windows and shift them around the screen so I can see every window. I can run a group of four ships and not have to alt/tab or do anything but play all my screens. I can everything happening at once.
  2. I believe grav link 5 still debuffs impact. I remember that as well.
  3. I decided to play some alts and get Chavez faction on them. I have two questions about these missions. 1. I have a ship that I accidently hit continue on the Chavez Resources mission. I didn't want to hunt up 300 aesirum and instead continue to the component mission. Is there anyway to get rid of the ore mission? I can't continue the mission line. 2. I have a TT that started with +1000 Chavez faction. I can't get the first mission line for the ores. OL is 90. Any reason for this? Thanks.
  4. Anyone having gating issues? I keep losing connection when gating. Every time now.
  5. It’s really an AA in disguise.
  6. Did the server go boom? I just got on a few minutes ago, gated, began combat, then everything stopped. Can't log back in.
  7. Can't get in game since 10pm EST.
  8. I can log in my credentials but never get past the blue screen. This since around 10pm EST.
  9. To piggyback off of what Yeti said, I logged in three times and three times tried to gate into Paramis and all three times got stuck at the gate with an unresponsive ship.
  10. Tuesday morning 9:13 am EST, server offline. I know this is a maintenance day but usually it doesn't take this long. Or is it an issue on my end?
  11. Penicillin becomes a hot new trade good.
  12. Damn, so I need to rebuild all those beams I took apart.
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