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  1. Since WinXP machines no longer run this game, I would have to get a new computer running Win7 or better just for this game. My main machine is an iMac these days and MacBook Pro.
  2. Damn, my other machine is an iMac that I used for work and music production. This Windows machine is old. I can't play until I get a new machine, lol.
  3. And I'm still using a machine running Windows XP if that matters.
  4. This might be the clue...When I get to the Megan screen I type in my info but I get the message that says "EA.com is temporarily unavailable..."
  5. I've been away for a while, been very busy. Anyway, I got all the updates but can't log into the game. Also, whenever I would log in, I used to get the page with the game notes but now it says server not available. What changed? I'm assuming I remembered my password for all my accounts.
  6. I just stripped mined 5 fields, bonus is there.
  7. I got the bonuses again. I've been mining for 14 years There is no way I missed four fields in a row.
  8. I stripped mined four fields in a row and didn't get any extra bonus. Is the bonus no longer in effect?
  9. When all else fails, there's always jobs for most factions. Mobs are much more fun though.
  10. Vitaes

    Arena Competition

    In a game like Asheron's Call, there was no way a person could be accidentally PvP flagged on any non-PvP server. You actually had to do a mini-quest to be flagged. No non-PvP person could buff that player in any way. It was totally open on the server, and PvP and non-PvP alike coexisted in peace because of the way it was done, mainly, that there was no way for a non=PvP player to be affected by a PvP player. Most people, myself included, simply went to the full-time PvP server. Still, some people were always curious about PvP, so they stayed on their PvE servers and did the optional PvP. All the gear on the PvP server was the same as the PvE server, as the gear used to kill mobs was quite good at killing other players. Pvpers learned to adapt their character type and play style to the PvP environment.   I wouldn't even worry about play balance in this game. This game breeds team possibilities, given the many skills different character types bring to the table. I don't think we'll have PvP, but if we do, I relish the challenge of taking a weaker ship and trying to put my strength against a tougher opponent's weakness and see if I could survive. I'll bet every PW will want an Ambush Omega to see those sneaky cloaked JD's....
  11. Antares needs a build terminal. For those of us who enjoy hunting there, having to jump out to Kailaasa is a bit of a PITA. How about a mission that builds upon what is already in code? Have the player base supply some large amount of ore to Ariad so a build terminal can be built and installed. It's just a little bone for us. While places like Cooper and Grissom have no place to do the same, at least you can take one or two hops to QAR and build ammo. Plus, most of the good loot doesn't stack in Antares...those ammo stacks take up a lot of space. And for those of us who enjoy the peace and serenity of mining to ambient music on our Jennies, it gives us another reason to mine besides getting ammo ores or pure xp.
  12. Vitaes

    Arena Competition

    I think the average PvPer only wants to PvP with the equip at hand on a volunteer basis. I will repeat--There does not have to be PVP "gear" to PvP. Even a simple "on" switch or mission (Go pray at the Mordana Tabernacle or something like that to become PVP) is sufficient. No loss of gear. If someone wants to smoke someone outside of OMP and I'm not involved, why do I care? Doesn't bother me.
  13. Okay, did this for the third time. Was a breeze. What I did was get a book from Ableson before I even started the mission. I analyzed the book, got another book and mapped the two parts of the book. Once that is done, the only reason you need a book is for the bone. If you have someone to give you a few bones, you don't even need the book once you have it all mapped because you can make the bang stick and saw yourself. I had all my ores ahead of time. It was easy, if a bit time consuming. Well worth it.
  14. Another tidbit of info...if you need to make a Mitey Bore n Saw, all the parts are non-vendor...but all of them drop off of lv 11 and 15 belters in Slayton. Nav Brand 2, IIRC, is where I found all 4 comps.
  15. Finally....I had to redo each step, as each time I did it the messages I was getting was saying that the step was completed, yet the items I needed were not being used up, except for the resources needed to make each item. It's as if I had to do two of each step. Very strange. I will keep track of this once I get enough faction on my TS to do this mission.
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