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  1. Hi Zackman, login and game server are off line since the restart also the DB please could we have it restarted?
  2. The Game server and DB server are down again following the restart as per last week.
  3. Yeah sorry been rather ill for past 6 months (non-covid) on the mend now though .... 😀 Hows things?
  4. I have been checking this for a few weeks (6+ actually) and I have found that following a server reboot on a Tuesday the explore xp from the moons and planetoids in the following sectors work as expected until thursday evening GMT where upon no xp is registered even when using freshly made toons in a tour till the server reboots: Tau Ceti New Edinburugh Invernes Ardunnine Cygni 61 Aganju Beta Hydra Glenn Carpenter Slayton Glorys Orbit Sheperd Grissom Cooper Aragoth Prime Valkyrie Twins Fenris Varen's Girdle Aragoth Prime Freya Nifleheim Cloud These are the sectors I tour the most for explore XP on a regular basis with 3-4 new toons, Wizaint and Flyingfiretruck have bore witness to these findings as they have seen it when touring with me so I know its not just me being effected. I have not checked other sectors as throughly but I suspect they too will be effected. The issue could be a server side garrbage collection or possible code irreguarites after a period of time (not having seen the code I'm not sure how it has been implemented to loop). It's not a massive issue as I have not seen anyone else mention it on the forums nor ingame, but its definatley not working as one would expect. Just a heads up for you people in the Dark Magic Den 🙂 All the best - YetiGBR1 the Obsessive as one Dev calls me 😋
  5. Dang, sorry to hear of your router/modems' demise. Hope your back online sooner rather than later Woody, just hope the EnB DT's are not too strong 🤪
  6. I have seen this a few times before, it usually disappears, I did note that recentley MS did a Net.3.5 update patch. You may not have updated yet that "may" be the cause not 100% but no harm in updating your windows to the latest patch's. 🙂
  7. Many thanks for the fast response and fix/update 👍
  8. Apologies if this is a known issue I do not mean to repeat it - I did search for such issues before posting this though: I have been mining in Primus over the past few weeks and have seen occasionally that "some" resouces spawn outside the players x,y,z zone of access (please see inserted picture from today). whilst this is a minor issue in my opinion it is still an issue that could prevent playes from gaining the "Field Cleared Bonus" for the said field. There are locations on the southern side of the map below Primus Astroid 121577F as well I just forgot to take pictures (sorry) I have no idea if this is a rounding issue in the random spawn positions or it is a hard coded location with some measure of RND on it, all the same I have now reported it so over to you guys in the "Dark Magic Team. " 😊 Keep up the great work and many thanks, Yeti-GBR1
  9. Looks like the server is having issues again, issues logging in and staying logged and clients then just being unresponsive once logged in. I did manage to get 1 client in for 2 mins to see how long the server had been online for (48hrs or more).
  10. Definatley max that asap as well as the Afterburner skill !
  11. Following the recent server reboot 10hrs or so ago we have experienced a TOTAL server wide client disconnection and are now having not only login issues but once managing to login they are ceasing to respond as I have previously reported before. All pings look ok as does the tracert's to the server so not sure what the issue is. Please could we have someone have a look at the issue. Many thanks in advance.
  12. Just read your comments @Zackman I think you have mis-understood what was actually meant by: The time ref was because I was offline when it was done, yes I could have left it out but I felt it was required but not as a poke at you at all. I was/am genuinely thankfull you did what you did. I'm not sure why you have taken offence at the truth of that statement, I/we KNOW your unpaid and not employed and do all this stuff for free and I for one am very greatful for it. But the truth is usually you guys do stuff and we never know what you have done or the reasons behind it, I/we are not asking to complete breakdowns or blow by blow accounts, even a simple note to say "yes, monitored we are looking at it" of something of that sort. As @DaveOMac put it These are genuine sentiments from both myself and @DaveOMac and most of those that were effected.
  13. Just a Quick "Thankyou" to whoever rebooted the server over 11hours and 30 minutes ago it seems to have resolved the issues. 👍
  14. Ok what do we know so far: 1: It is affecting more than one user from more than one country. 2: It's NOT lag related as all pings and TraceRT's come back within acceptable boundries (least for me they do, can't comment on others with the same issue.) 3: It's not routing related as all routes come up clean and consistant (least for me they do, can't comment on others with the same issue.) 4: Usually within 30 seconds of logging your character in (assuming you do not get a "waiting for server" or "sever failed to respond to Sector Login error" you loose all your friends in your friends list and then can not target/interact with anything in game so have to either use /quit or kill app in the task manager, sometimes it takes a little longer lets say 5 mins. 5: We are not seeing any help/responses from our support staff, yes they could be on holiday/over worked/cannot be bothered to respond or a whole host of other reasons. 6: We as users and supporters of EnB EMU are getting more and more frustrated with the lack of response from either @Kyp , @Zackman , or any of the team on these issues. Possible issues that could be looked at in my estimation as an Ex-server/Desktop/Comms Engineer and Manager/Director: 1: Your comms between your VM switch and your VM servers? 2: Your provider of the VM solution may have driver issues? 3: Corruption in the database of user accounts? There are clearly issues that need addressing otherwise any new players that we have gained and are willing to support/donate to the cause will be lost IF no action is taken. On a side note : Happy New Year from the UK and I hope your all keeping safe. It's now affecting 5 of my accouts!!!
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