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  1. As at 10:48am GMT the login server appears off-line again
  2. And here we go again......this is kind of getting old :( @ 09:15 GMT
  3. This may seem an obvious one but they may have already been mined before you arrived, OR are you saying you can see them on a PS and not on a TS with both classes logged in at the same location in Moto?
  4. FYI Krysta43 : the chat tool is a Dev's and GM's tool used to access the game server inorder to monitor the game without being logged in with the standard client.
  5. Can't login to the game, was fine an hour or so back. Has the SSL Cert expired again?
  6. Many thanks Janwarrior for a "Work around solution," however I'll wait till they get a proper fix in place (i.e. a new certificate thats valid) as I do not intend to place my systems at risk using the afore mentioned work-around and I be abscent minded and browse someplace I shouldn't an get compromised. Also, kudos for Zackman for admiting he somehow missed/over looked the renewal of the certificate again (yes I know these things do happen.) However I would have thought there would be some checks within the system/administration to cater for such an oversight that ultimatley goes back to Kyp? The work you guys do on our behalf in your spare time is highly under valued most of the time so whilst we/I whinge and moan about "unavailability and bugs/lack of content and yes the dam proxy.exe," please be asured I for one value all your efforts on our behalf. Looking forward to seeing the system back to normal soon. I'm starting to get withdrawal sysmptoms
  7. Hi Flam , in that case its the front-end login server thats the issue/under maintenace then which is why those that have logged out and are trying to get back on cannot and get the INV-300 message.
  8. Hi Astro, if its a launcher issue whats changed on the client side if anything for YOU to get toon in game?
  9. I would suggest STRONGLY that all be patient and refrain from changing anything unless posted by an "Official from EnB" if the back end servers are being serviced then the game will default to trying to access the original EA systems.
  10. There is server Maintenace happening, KYP posted this update several hours back announcing it. I think it is the Hosting service not our servers that is under maintenance. Please refer to:
  11. Hi Zarg, The "Supposed Influx" is not what you think according to my inside source they a ghost or undropped connections by the server login/connection system and this appears to have been getting more frequent since before Christmas from what I've seen. I'm sure Zackerman or Kyp could confirm this.
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