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  1. I have several JE's (Jenquai Explorer)(15) of various levels along with several of the other 8 professions, each profession(class) can be played in a myriad of way, for example I have a Combat JE, he does explore but he is primarily combat and Rescue, I like the Terran Explorer (TS, Terran Scout) easily the fastest character in the game, The one I can tell you is play the game and your avatar any way that you want to, its a big galaxy and there is a lot to see and do, some sectors i would stay pout of unless you are being Escorted (toured) as they most certainly will cause you to die, and you will either have to sleep off the or trade run you Debt away . The game is twenty years old now so the graphics are not as flashy as some of the newer games out there but the one thing that was well liked is that you don't have to keep an eye over your shoulder wondering if the other player is going to shoot you n the back like some of the other games, we Do Not have P-V-P. though back in the original live we had three arenas when you could PVP with other players in your level class's. You will see me in game often lurking in the station on my HGM avatars, sometimes traveling around checking on things, or I may be on one of my Many Peanuts Gang Guild Avatars, Hope to see you in game, if you have any questions or issues just ask the player will be more than willing to assist, especially if you need gear upgrades. you should check out the website www.enbmaps.de and bookmark it it is a very good game map. also on the Net-7.org Portal page ther is a map that can show you the sector where you avatar is located especially good for use in some sectors.
  2. Depends on the time of day. and this being a holiday weekend it may be a little slow until Sunday. And Welcome Back
  3. For both the Terran Alliance and Progen Combine factions, there are terminal jobs for faction gain,
  4. you might want to check Prototype reorder box it will help with some issues
  5. Actually the downloads are outside my control. the only thing i can say try again, or if you played in the original live and still have your original installation disks try those. the original disks work. also I goggled your error code try deleting the ENB directory. Then restarting and reinstalling the EnB game.
  6. tools are all back up i did another restart on my computers , i am still having issues with starting the game on several of my computers , i figured i would wait until tomorrow to see if server restart clears my issues before i make any more noise.
  7. i did the ipconfig /flushdns on all 10 computers here. restarted all computers and restarted router, NO GO on all Net-7 Pages and Launcher.
  8. are we still down?, i have flushed IP and restarted all computers still getting a red server indicator, also can not connect to any net-7 pages, can connect to the forums, gmtools and tools launcher can not find server either,
  9. we are having a server issue it should be resolved in a few hours
  10. Server appears to be having issues, I'm in game yet when i start another client on a different computer it says server down, i have red indicators on the server status apps, also the GMtools cant find the server
  11. this authlogin.dll is actually an EnB error not the Launcher, it means that you need to have the net -7 launcher update the EnB client and files
  12. yea the server is up at the time i am typing this, I have an avatar in game and have been running trade runs through out the galaxy. the server shows that its been up for over 85 hours since last restart.
  13. I am usually the actual ingame help person as Head Game Master, but I try to help anyone who needs it, I have Just asked the devs to update the link so that the correct version can be downloaded
  14. if you have a computer with correct v.2.2.0 version copy it over. other than that you may need a web dev for assistance
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