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  1. It Came in the mail today, Thank you Very much
  2. its probably been minimized hover over the button on the task bar when the mini window opens right click and select maximize or restore and it should appear
  3. Prototype reorder needs marked, before you get in game,. Also Check your local IP just to make just its correct
  4. I know I have already posted on the Server down thread, we have to wait for the server dev to wake up from his nights sleep i also can not get in game
  5. the Frozen announcements come from the GMTools when ever you avatar is being accessed for editing, adding or removing items due to issues, addressed thru the GM Ticket system, Since it appears the server is having aa nervous breakdown we need to wait for the server dev (previous post)
  6. I am not able to get passed the map screen after character selection screen, I have posted in teh server status thread to inform the devs there is an issue, now to sit back and twiddle my thumbs while waiting
  7. I'm thinking that the server might need a restart net-7 pages and the launcher says 78 online, the GM tools show 24 physically online, Also i have tried to log in different avatars on different computers, i log in get to the selection screen then select an avatar to play, it goes to the map screen then sits for 20 minutes or more the drops back to the character selection screen, i have rebooted all my systems and router still the same sitting loo at the map screen, I have even un blackholed my current main play (non GM) avatar still does the same thing, Help
  8. the only tempest in the game is the one in the JE Starter area IO if your not one submit a GM help ticket with your avatars name i will remove it
  9. I just logged in no problem, your issue may be local or was the effect of dropped packets and lag on the route to the server
  10. Ermites in altair its hidden untill you find it
  11. Jrichards covered the missions well he is correct about the massive number of mission. most stations have job terminals but there are a few that do not have jobs assigned to them, the terminal have jobs based on your overall level, 50, 75, 105, 135, 150, these jobs are not available at every station for example one station is 150 level jobs two stations have the 135 level jobs several stations have the 75 and some have the level 50 jobs, you can not do any jobs unless your overall level is within 15 levels of teh lowest level job, for example for the level 50 you have to be at least level 35, for the 135 you have to be at least 105, the 150 at least 135, stations with out jobs all beginning sector stations, there are 30 stations that may have a terminal but no jobs assigned to them, you are probably at one of those station, refer to the wiki jobs terminal page for further info.
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