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  1. Wow, over a month in and I am feeling accomplished. Level 141. I wanted to thank the community for helping me get here. Now the grind truly begins. ;) 

  2. All I played in live was a couple PW's and a JE. Played until sunset of course.

    I was in the guild Static on another server, but that was short lived as I chose the wrong server when looking for a RL friend.

    1. Saywhat


      I was lucky Evermore, my RL brother played EnB with me in Live. He has also played some of the Emu, but is often drawn away by RL events. Glad to have you as part of our community. 

  3. Garway... my toons name was Avaitor, I joined the guild after taking sometime off. I was invited to the guild by "Psych: I think. We had been together in a prior guild as a bunch of TE's. Great to see you :).
  4. Endgame Gear For A Te-Ts

    As I read this post I started smiling. I am looking forward to joining you once again as a raid ready player. Lol, great to be back sad to feel so far behind.
  5. Walk-Through: Mail In Game (with pictures)

    Brilliant, thank you.
  6. Need lvling help please

    Mouli2, thanks for the link it was a fun read and informative. I am currently out pacing my credits because I am doing CL, TL, and EL jobs to power level my TE. I am broke because grinding mobs for money is just simply boring until your eyes bleed from CL jobs. I have played this game since live and I am eager to get one of my toons to 140 so that I can do some end game raiding. Anyhow thank you.
  7. Andromeda - Lunar Dawn - TE 114 Stress Test before last wipe - PW 144 Back after almost three years current - TE 126
  8. Join us on Teamspeak!

    Team Speak, sounds fun and practical since I suck at spelling and grammar.
  9. Walk-Through: Mail In Game (with pictures)

    Does anyone actually use this feature?
  10. New Player Help

    Lots of useful info for new players. Thank you.
  11. Playing EnB again after so long!

    Welcome back Matt, good to have you as part of the family again.
  12. Finally got my old forum account back. Feels good. Looking forward to helping out. 

  13. Recover Account

    Thank you so very much Woodstock
  14. Not enough time in the day to play.
  15. Wife Agro at a all time low - she must want something