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  1. Would it be possible to research the Novaflash line of energy beams by Nishido? Possible quest line for the Jenquai Seekers? Currently only lvl 2 & 3 of the beam exist available through a quest I've long since forgotten, but I would love to see them go all the way to level 9... --snipet from the Novaflash description-- "A stolen, ultra-secret, experimental design now produced and used by the Shaitan drones in Europa." ""Nishido! Designed to perfection by the greatest of the Shoda-kan Masters."" rumors that ShadowWalker still roams the fringes of known space & secretly aids those he deems worthy
  2. Along the same lines of what Knix said regarding damage mitigation, I firmly believe that Kyp is in error. Not all of the damage calculations are made at the time the weapon is fired unless the weapon in question is a beam. Only the "to-hit" calculation is made at the time of the weapon firing (accuracy and whatnot which may contribute to the total damage dealt). If a projectile weapon or missile weapon is fired, the damage can be mitigated/reduced by having your cloak fully engaged before the round strikes your ship. The farther along your cloak cycle is the less damage you will take. This can easily be seen by setting up a similar situation to the Zenshai combat drill in Rag or a Drone combat drill in BBW. If you delay the activation of your cloak by a half a second or so you'll notice that their missiles do slightly more damage, likewise if your cloak is activated near seamlessly after firing (and your pulling away from your target) you'll notice that the missile or projectile will do little to no damage at all. One thing I will agree with Kyp on is what we "the players" see on our pc screens isn't always in perfect sync with what the server is doing. This type of behavior was very noticeable in an older online game I played many years ago (Mechwarrior 3) and can serve as a fair comparison. Since we were required to manually target other players, latency was a huge factor in your success or failure. It was referred  to as lag shooting. When you saw the enemy player, you were not seeing where he/she is but rather where they were a fraction of a second ago. Although the games are vastly different, that latency effect can be seen in EnB if the conditions are right. Good examples of this would be a mob miraculously skipping a few degrees forward or backward while your fighting it (The rubber band effect) or a mob seeming to shoot you with a directional weapon when it appears to be pointing away from you (Rear firing beams or projectiles).   As always... Keep your nose down and your finger on the trigger. Fly safe and have fun.
  3. Since I am not a quantum physicist, I'll leave all of the fancy math to you genius types. After a couple of days of testing, I was unable to find anything amiss with the cloaking skill. I tested in multiple areas with varying degrees of difficulty. One of these areas was the Zenshai area in Ragnarok where you will find the Zenlon (CL54) and Zenorsh (CL60) along with some lower level support ships. At first, my JD's shields got eaten off in a double hurry much to my surprise. I backed off for a moment, allowing my shields to recharge, and wondered what was wrong (since I had done the very same exercise countless times before). I decided that my timing might be off a bit since I hadn't been out to that spot in a month or so. Round #2. My JD's ship glided into the middle of the fray like the angel of death it is and proceeded to slice up the Zenshai with extreme prejudice and taking very little in the way of shield damage. I was left with only one conclusion... 'my' timing was off during round #1. Nothing that I have noticed over the last 2 days leads me to believe that there is any problem with the cloak skill. It behaves as it always has (aside from the recent adjustments made to the combat cloaking calculations about a month ago). Please bear in mind, that this was not the only test I performed. I also took my Seeker into a Fishbowl raid with my fellow guild mates and was able to mitigate the incoming damage by cloaking, while shield healing, as I had done many times before. This is not the easiest thing to do and the margin for error is extremely thin (Talesh the Destroyer eats healers for breakfast). If there is a specific area or mob you would like me to test, I will happily entertain it. As it stands right now, I am satisfied that the skill is functioning in the manner it should.
  4. I've managed to loot a couple of them since the Emu went live. Took many many kills and a boatload of luck. I usually encounter the spawn just south of the area between Nav's 2 & 3. Best of luck to ya!!!
  5. I do not presume to speak for any of the guilds, only as a concerned player. At present I have not been made aware that we (B.I.) are forbidden to participate in the PUB raids, but I do agree that to do so would be unfair to the other players in the guilds who cannot. With that said, I offer an alternative... (again speaking only for myself) should the need arise for the PUBS to have some experienced players present, I would like to volunteer to assist in any way possible to get them up to speed and actively enjoying the raid content that the game offers. Additionally, I am willing to forfeit any loot rolls during the PUB raids to insure that fairness among the Big 3 is observed. My sole motivation for this is to assist the smaller guilds in the game with raiding and to have some good ole fashioned fun with others.
  6. Under current game dynamics it is possible through equip buffs & activated buffs to achieve roughly 90k shields on any of the Jenquai professions.
  7. I wanted to add in some ideas that have been passed along to me, with a few of my own thoughts as well. Perhaps they can help reach a solution to this problem.   1.) (Player Agreement) - A true rotation based on turns instead of days. Allows all a turn without a overlap causing someone to miss a raid. Additional member groups can be added to the rotation as they achieve raid-ready status. (Would require further details to insure fairness & equal treatment of all involved)   2.) (Escalating Raid system) - Similar to the dynamics of how the Tada-O gate raid is connected to the Fishbowl.     ie: Entry level raid requires a complex player built trigger device & once completed the final boss would drop the 'key' to activate or build the next phase trigger. The way that Zethrin'Ti drops the "Dark Cerebral Cortex" which is a element in the "Face the Ten'Gu" trigger.  In theory, this type of system would only require the entry level raid to have it's tables adjusted to maintain it's drop tables 'rare' status. A 24/48 hr timer per activator(player) could be added to help minimize back to back raids.   3.) (Independent Triggers) - Every raid has it's own trigger. (This system would most certainly require a complete reduction in all relevant loot tables)   These are not etched in blood or set in stone.. merely loose ideas for others to build on & fine tune. I don't truly believe there is ever a perfect solution to any problem, since nothing in life is ever perfect. I do believe that with enough people with their thoughts on a constructive path, we can reach a viable solution that can give the players the fun they so desperately want & the community the peaceful environment it rightly deserves.   Final thoughts - Every time the DEV's  are called upon to facilitate major changes to the game, it takes their time away from current tasks & inevitably prolongs the release of any upcoming content. Please consider this first and foremost before any suggestions are made. Small tweeks and fixes here and there don't seem to be as much of an issue... but these are human beings who volunteer their time. Be considerate & respectful of that time. It was their time that allows us to have a game to play at all.   Thanks for your attention.
  8. Excellent suggestion. I'll happily pass this along to the staff at Sunday's meeting.   although the /makeleader command is already being used. Perhaps /raid makeleader? to be more in line with the other commands you listed and without using a preexisting one.   Great idea!!
  9. Let's get something straight & clear up a serious misconception. Due to the way the system works the character "ShadowWalker" carries the tag of ADV or "Player Advocate". Before you start slinging accusations about what the "Player Advocate" does, you should understand that there is separation between them. I (the person sitting behind the keyboard (human, flesh & blood)) am your "Player Advocate" not any particular character that I play. I have, at all times, treated every concern or suggestion equally and fairly. I will continue to do so, regardless of your affiliations, guild tags or other means of identification. Until such time that I fall short with those responsibilities, I would appreciate that you leave the term "Player Advocate" out of your comments.. It only serves to undermine the integrity of the office. As I stated to all parties involved, regarding the summit meeting, I would not include my personal opinions in those discussions since it would constitute a conflict of interest. As the Advocate I made the following recommendation to the few DEV 's that I've had the chance to speak with:   Since all parties involved cannot reach a mutual agreement and the constant infighting between the guilds is detrimental to our community as a whole... ALL raids not requiring a player built trigger device should be temporarily suspended until either they can come to a mutual agreement or until the DEV 's can reach a decision as to how best to proceed with the matter.   I've very sad to say that the best, brightest & largest guilds of the Emulator choose to behave like a group of kindergarteners fighting over a toy in the sandbox. If this type of behavior cannot be discouraged, then action appropriate to that behavior should be taken. "Take the toys away."   It is also the recommendation of the Advocate's Office that this thread be locked and hidden at the earliest opportunity of a Forum Moderator or DEV.   In closing, you may feel free to private message me with issues you have with my actions as a player.. you may respond to any action in game as you see fit within the Emulator's code of Conduct. However further detrimental & slanderous comments against the office of the Advocate will not be tolerated & will bear consequences. Any issues you have with the "Player Advocate" not performing his/her duties should be addressed as such, through the proper chain of command (either through a GM or DEV).
  10. One variation of jmes's proposal that would be all encompassing. Rotation: Separate thread for each raid. Controller - Slot 1 - Static Slot 2 - Builder's Inc Slot 3 - VonCorp Galactic Empire --------------------------------------------- Once a new guild reaches the appropriate level of members/technology to participate, they would contact the guilds already in the rotation for consideration. Next step would involve having one or more observers (probably 1 from each of the participating guilds) to insure that the new entrant could complete the raid without wiping. Once they have earned their spurs, so to speak, they are given a permanent slot in the rotation. Should the occasion arise where a guild is unable to complete the raid for whatever reason, they would enter "Pass" into the thread where they would normally enter "Controller Raid completed by Static on XX/XX/XX at xx:xx am/pm. By listing the time and date of completion, it would serve to better help the next guild plan to complete the following raid. With that idea in mind, we'll use Epic Gamers as an example. Either the leader or council of E.G. would contact Static/VGE/BI and asked to be added. Each guild sends one of their own JE's (who can observe cloaked & possibly render the occasional JS if needed). E.G. pulls it off and all 3 current slot holders agree to add them. New rotation Slot 1 - Static Slot 2 - Builder's Inc. Slot 3 - VonCorp Galactic Empire Slot 4 - Epic Gamers   Might require some fine tuning, but if these were handled on a per Raid basis, instead of an available window (2days) no guild would miss their opportunity. No one would be fighting over who gets what. Every guild in the game would be able to ascend to the level of Raid ready at their own pace.   2 cents from the peanut gallery.
  11. In short... All devices & most skills should automatically de-cloak the ship, with the very few exceptions mentioned above by Algaron.
  12. I can only bring forward the suggestions for consideration. I stated very clearly that the idea was far from perfect & that the original concept was not mine. A large part of my role as the Advocate is to give "EVERYONE" due consideration. I will continue to pursue every suggestion as passionately as the next, provided that it has some merit. I'll leave the deciding what is "viable" or "allowable" to the higher pay grades (ie: GM's & Devs). Having seen a few other opinions and feedback, I feel that my job in regards to this particular suggestion is done. Thanks to all who took the time to 'pause and consider'.   As always, any and all suggestions are welcome. Feel free to contact me via pm in the forums, Net-7.org team-speak or in game.
  13. Incorrect Sir. No one gets locked out of anything. 1.) Guilds are encouraged to have an active "Founder" in order to maintain raid ready status. 2.) Some guilds will get smaller due to inactivity, which is no different than is currently observed. 3.) Raids are no longer "owned" by any definition due to the trigger system.
  14. I had an idea proposed to me 2 days ago with some of my own thoughts added in and would like to add it in this thread in the hopes it may get some constructive feedback. The idea suggested would not be a simple one since this is not a simple problem. 1.) Using the new tier 10 guild rank (Founder) as a marker, place an NPC in a relevant area to the particular raid in question. (ie: Controller would be at Q.A.R.) or use an existing one (ie: Jinx) 2.) Only someone with the marker could access the full talk tree of that NPC & receive 'Item X' which would be required to either serve as the trigger item or use to construct the trigger. 3.) 'Item X' would be unique, trade-able & subject to some form of decay timer. Also 'Item X' could only be obtained once per week/twice per month in order to preserve the balance of rare items in the game, eliminating the need to reduce drop rates. 4.) An additional safeguard to discourage "mule guilds" minimum guild count of 50-100   This is only the preliminary idea and would need some fine tuning to make it viable, but it offers an alternative that wouldn't require drop tables to be altered & addresses the deteriorating diplomatic issues currently plaguing our community. This new proposal would allow each guild to get their spot for a raid while maintaining the current level of drop frequency. It would be up to the discretion of the "Founder/Guild Leader" to decide which one of their members triggers the raid and organizes the event.   The largest counter argument to this method presented to me so far was "What about the non guilded players that want to raid?" While this is far from a perfect solution, the fact remains 'Raids' are multi group events and as such cannot be completed by individual people. In addition, the needs of the majority will almost always take precedence. I welcome all feedback, but please be respectful and constructive.  
  15. I resent the implication Sir. When I am acting as the Advocate I have equally and fairly represented everyone regardless of their affiliation. However due to my role as the Advocate I wear the tag 24/7 and comments like yours serve only to undermine the integrity of the office. I am also a member and officer of Builder's Inc. & at no time did I pursue the office with intentions of giving my guild any type of advantage. I did so in the hopes of making the game better for all of us. As a member of the guild, I follow the chain of command and orders handed down through that chain. I do not always agree with decisions made by the leadership but that doesn't give me the right to re-write the rules on a whim. I can either choose to follow them & perhaps make an impact of future decisions to change them or I can choose to leave. I have always been treated fairly and with a measure of respect within B.I. & intend to continue playing with my friends and guild-mates. Likewise I have been met with respect from the other guilds while serving as your Advocate. With that said... I would respectfully request that you leave any references of the Advocate office out of your discussions when pertaining to guild to guild matters. "We now return you to your regularly scheduled rip & tear flaming & trolling" Thanks for your attention.
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