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Mission Review Requested for Agrippa Weapons Backdoor (Cleri Maste/Kenlz/Telum)

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Avatar: Softwood. Class: PW.  HU: Max.  OL: 150  Build Weapons: Max


**This is concerning backdoor, not Stage II from invite**



The purpose of doing the backdoor missions from Kenlz is to remove the HU and OL restrictions from the Stage I Agrippa quests.  I must stress, the respective backdoors work correctly  for devices and shields. 


- Analyze and make 2 of each item you analyze and turn it in with your Progen gold token along with some refined ore and get access to Stage I Agrippa with all mission restrictions removed.


Taking the PW prerequisite from Cleri Maste at Trader's Fort and going to Kenlz in Lagarto you are presented with the mission for the backdoor.  I completed it; but it hasn't removed the restrictions. I asked Woodstock to review to ensure that I hadn't somehow bugged things my side, but he advised that the missions scripts, even though they are supposed to lift the mission restrictions for HU and OL, don't do so.  


I'd like to thank Woody for taking an hour out of his evening to go through this with me.  


Appreciate any feedback available.

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