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  1. on the net-7.org (the Portal page) go to the account tab under there you will find a create account selection, use this to create a Game account (this will be your game sign in ) if you played in original live your accounts and avatars are not available and can not be recovered as EA erased all that data. once your in game using this new sign in go to avatar creation and create your new avatar to select your avatar use the inside arrows to select them you can also select the original 3 missing professions the Terran Scout, Progen Privateer and the Jenquai Seeker, remember to use the Net-7 Launcher to start the game not the EA game launcher. the EA launcher will not start the game. Woodstock HGM (Head Game Master)
  2. The GM's do not have control of Raid Triggers outside of the PRS sector, this is more of the Dev,'s area of responsibility as its game system
  3. Roflmao behind me but its not full of beer well there is some beer in there along with coca cola, gatorade, water, snacks plant milk and some chocolate
  4. This is a short video of my system. 5 of 6 computers. Number 6 is a notepad hooked to the stereo in living room so I can stream music from one of my desktops to the stereo and through the house 20200313_211811.mp4
  5. your missiong two missions one from reclaimer orgus and another that is done after that from tovar then the mission for the powerdown skill
  6. you have not yet finished ALL of the missions in the Mars Beta sector there are a couple that are from OTHER NPC's that are Pre-requisite. Woodstock HGM
  7. Restart your Router if it's been awhile since the last time it was done.
  8. Your isp should be clear for the game. And yes. we do accept donations (not required) for server and software fee's. The players are very friendly and welcoming. I am usually in game anytime after 11 pm to 330 am pacific time daily (work nights). Woodstock HGM
  9. Your must be in for.ation for the cloak effects. I didn't notice that you have said in formation. Or not . I have noticed on my play toons that it does cloak both though on the JE. I could still see the others [graphics bug maybe]
  10. we dont carry them that size, lol i have only found my desired size of steak in Texas unfortunately thats to far a way for a quick meal
  11. That's my hand in the picture for size reference those are the cheap angus steaks that was all we had is stock today. Got a big load of meats tomorrow to refill the meat wall back up after the holidays. [Yes two holidays. Friday valentine's and monday presidents day]
  12. I unfortunately have to work during the prime playing time of most of the game population. When I get home tonight Bout 11 pm pacific time I will open the PRS free of charge for any of the 6 raids there
  13. when its looking for the cd key its looking for a Internet Explorer window to open so you may need to temporarily make IE your default browser, when it opens you can close the IE window and continue
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