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  1. Per the server status thread the server was fixed and restarted just before your last post Paul.
  2. Partsman I looked into this issue on your avatar it appears that you have skipped a few missions from the NPC's in Mars Beta that are all Pre-req's for the power down skill mission from Tovar Max as the answer given by another player ill leave it to you to complete these mission(s) in order to get your skill. Woodstock HGM
  3. Well its once again Christmas and i have to work on Christmas eve early so i won t be in game on Monday night/Tuesday morning due to having to be at work several hours earlier than normal, (Retail Sucks). I have family visiting for the holiday but i will find time to get online to play still have a number of toons to get thru Mary Christmas's mission. See you all soon Merry Christmas everyone Woodstock and the Peanuts Gang
  4. Just Watched IT, Very Well done, i was laughing so hard my wife came from the kitchen to see what i was laughing about
  5. The Issue you are having can be solved by................ Increasing your weapons build skill it is too low Woodstock HGM
  6. I can look at this issue tonight when I get home fro. The real world job. What is your avatars name so I can look at the mission and your character Woodstock HGM
  7. Appears to be back up as i am now back in game
  8. I think we crashed again i was flying through 61 Cygni when i noticed that server status app on all my computers turned red and i was flying past the gate i was targeted on
  9. Glad to be assistance. Woodstock (HGM)
  10. If you have not done so navigate to the game directory. And to the enb config directory find the enb config execution file right click and select properties and run as administrator. Also run to comparability test and run as xps or win 8. (If I am wrong on that some please correct). At this point activate to config and then run. Through all the resolution settings. Be sure to run the test configuration and select or deselect the run in window button as needed.
  11. Something weird is going on i am losing connection to server/crashing out of the game it all started about 1:20 am pacific time for me both the chat tools and the active game clients would lock up and then the server status app light started looking like a Christmas tree blinking from green and red and back to green repeatedly
  12. I think we might have an issue either the login server is down or the game is reporting offline incorrectly its approx 1:30 am pacific time i am in game but afraid to log out also appears teamspeak down too Woodstock HGM
  13. oops i must have not deleted it i got it Done Woodstock HGM
  14. Moved and he has it Woodstock HGM
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