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  1. HELP! - Zieg - 'Var's Indignation' lvl 7 Shield Missions.

    on which avatar are you working this mission chain on, i am trying to find the info for you but i need your avatar name to see and read the mission your on and to see what needs to be completed, thanks in advance. Woodstock DGM
  2. Could not find patch

    DO NOT RUN THE ENB LAUNCHER IT WILL NOT WORK, to start the game you must use the Net-7 launcherit will patch the game and initiate all actions required for the game WOODSTOCK DGM
  3. RebelsofEarth

    I am currently the highest level GM the other gm has the same commands as i do
  4. RebelsofEarth

    I do not have ability to change ranks of people in side guilds. Woodstock
  5. RebelsofEarth

    have you tried the command "/gl transferleader {PlayerName}" I Do not know or have the commands to make anyone Founder of any guilds Woodstock
  6. Been Long Time

    Welcome Back
  7. Account and/or character rename?

    answered in a PM
  8. having troubles

    Glad to have helped. Enjoy the game there have been some changes since you last played just remember that if you need assistance just ask the player will help.
  9. having troubles

    on the Net-7.org page under accounts you may need to register a game account, in order to log into the game
  10. having troubles

    Since the last time that you have played, We have had a Player wipe, and went from Stress test/beta testing to Live status, we wiped all players to zero status when we went live so that everyone was new born at startup, you will have to create a game account on the net-7 page if it does not exist, if it does exist, ensure that you load the game and have it do the updates to get both the launcher and the game clients to the most current version. you may have to re generate your avatars if they do not show up, the names are still linked to your account.
  11. System upgrade.

    I was o my o line to do tickets today as I was busy with a system. Upgrade here at the house. I had an issue with my laptop lock f up and not responding. I do d the issue, it was my at&t uverse modem/router the particular network if I was plugged into on my laptop was being finicky and intermittently disconnecting. I also had bought anew desktop on clearance at Wal-Mart for 200 dollars it was missing the power supply cord. 50 dollars from HP. I unknowingly plus Fred the same cable into this new desktop and was having the same issues with disconnects. But it connected wirelessly. No problem. I looked at my network switch I had one one. Slot I moved the cable there and no more disconnects. I ordered a larger more poets network switch so o can plug my laptop in so I can play on it. Also. 20170905_025850.mp4
  12. Wasted Triggers !

    Currently my days off are Thursdays and Fridays, Pacific time zone (California). i can and will open up the PRS if there is interest and enough players/avatars to support the chosen raid, there is a 4 Million minimum entry fee to the PRS and the gate will be closed during the raid anyother questions see me in game or leave me a message,
  13. Guess who's back, back again, Slayers back ......

    Welcome back Slayerman
  14. Cannot login to the game client

    find the EnB config program in the Game folder, ensure that you run it with administrator rights, run the configure untill you find a resolution you lke, if you want windowed mode be sure to click that pesky little box, also ensure you run the test when you select the resolution,
  15. Cannot login to the game client

    did you create a game account on the Net-7 portal page, under accounts tab?