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  1. Woodstock DGM

    Taking out the trash

    Data satellite 4 in mercury sector. it is a very hidden nav there are several others in the sector also if yo explore a bit off the beaten paths. it took me awhile to find it myself.
  2. Woodstock DGM

    Game won't start

    check to ensure the net-7 launcher and the EnB Client are set to run as administrator rights, also ensure the net-7 launcher and the enb client are set to be exceptions to your antivirus and firewall. also check your compatibility with both the launcher and the EnB client. Woodstock {DGM}
  3. Woodstock DGM


    Your Welcome but you should Thank Zackman he rebooted the server
  4. Woodstock DGM

    E&B unplayable

    when i logged in after seeing this, i checked it was not selected on either computer that woodstock crashed on.
  5. Woodstock DGM

    E&B unplayable

    1. Is this happening when changing sector or also while sitting still in a sector (test this if necessary plz) Happens standing still and not moving station not moving in space in multiple sectors, also constant disconnects on the chat tool i see receive logoff signal from server just before on the chat tool 2. Is the first login sequence working normally? on Woodstock no it locks up on the map screen 3. If this happens, is there any kind of message? when in game no message, chat just stops updating and no buffs activate (almost like a big lag spike) no messages shown. ****** on the chat tool i got a disconnect this is what it said : 01:02:12 ! Received Logoff Packet from Server - Disconnecting ! 01:02:13 Disconnected from server. 4. What is the proxy's state (hover the icon of net-7 proxy in the tray) when this happens? at the time I am answering this i logged in to the game gated several time docked and undocked no problem, i have also logged in on the chat tool and it appears to be working Now. ******* just had a freeze just before zack made the announcement that he was restarting the server proxy message awaiting server handoff 5. When you restart the launcher/client, is everything ok again? For about 1.5 to 3 minutes then it would quit working until i restat then again the same time frame 6. What access-provider are you using and what line? AT&T U-verse high speed internet if anything changes ill pt an addendum to this post
  6. Woodstock DGM


    this not a GM fixable issue, I cant help you with it. there is a thread E&B unplayable in the tech Support section post it there as many other players have done so. i have also posted there as i can not stay logged in either so your not alone. Woodstock DGM
  7. Woodstock DGM

    E&B unplayable

    here is the dump file from when i lost communications wither server.. disconnect/locked up, game does nothing. client.DMP
  8. Woodstock DGM

    E&B unplayable

    here is the dmp file for Woodstock trying to log in to game stuck on map screen. client.DMP
  9. Woodstock DGM


    Welcome back to the 'verse if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, also try out the Terran Scout (explorer), Progen Privateer (trader) and Jenquai Seeker (trader) out they are accessible through the character creation screen. i am online mostly late night Pacific time but sometimes earlier Woodstock Deputy Game Master (DGM) owner Proprietor of The Peanuts Gang Guild and the Peanuts Gang Rescue Squad (PGRS)
  10. Woodstock DGM

    PvP, All the topic threads

    When can this be .......... Woodstock
  11. Woodstock DGM

    The Smoking Mirror

    Activating the missions are content devs area of responsibility if they are required by the story line Woodstock DGM
  12. Woodstock DGM

    The Smoking Mirror

    I may have been mistaken I sent two Alts to try and get these missions one below o/l 50 and on above o/l 60 and neither one could get the missions, the missions are listed on the missions list, but, do not appear to be active at this juncture Woodstock DGM
  13. Woodstock DGM

    The Smoking Mirror

    yes, they are available, they have pre-req missions, thats all that i can say talk to Npc'c everywhere and you will find the missions. Woodstock (DGM)
  14. Woodstock DGM

    Health Issues

    I just realized that I haven't updated this in a while. In February I had a p.e.t. scan. NO cancer seen. I go back in April or May for another scan so it's looking very good.
  15. Woodstock DGM

    Account and/or character rename?

    have the player make a in game GM ticket with the names of the characters. this will allow the GM's to have the list of names and we can verify if the names are available and not derogatory. Woodstock DGM