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  1. cloak consumes energy

    I answered this already on your gm ticket
  2. Recover Account

    I found your account, it is still there I see you have not logged in since Oct 2012, this was before the Player wipe in Nov 2012, when we went into Live status, all the characters were wiped down to newborn, and everything on them is set to newborn, I can do a password change but i do not want to put that info here in the forums, so if you submit a GM help ticket (net-7 portal page, WebHelp tab, then select GM ingame help. Woodstock
  3. Santa not showing up

    i am just home from work and i have "kicked him" Woodstock DGM
  4. SERVER STATUS (current)

    Shes Dead Jim.
  5. Santa not showing up

    I'll be on around 4pm Pacific time today if a resale is needed.
  6. Santa not showing up

    I am just now home from work i will be on shortly to do so.
  7. Controller trigger lost

    There is nothing I can do but to trigger a raid for your grohp. As I am on my lunch break at work and will not be home from work for 4 1/2 hours from now. It will be a while unless a dev is on that can trigger for you. Woodstock. (DGM)
  8. command to change guild leader

    thank you for answering while i was at work, Mouli.
  9. E&B Config disappears

    devs moved it to the more appropriate forums thread.
  10. E&B Config disappears

    Thank you
  11. E&B Config disappears

    ill close it
  12. E&B Config disappears

    no not gm ticket system, that goes to me, not the devs, the bug tracker tab near top pf page here in the forums
  13. E&B Config disappears

    may be posting in the bug tracker here on the forums so the devs can possibly help you.
  14. E&B Config disappears

    Mcafee ate my whole enb install once
  15. E&B Config disappears

    go to your anti virus program settings and make the enb config program a exception so that the anti virus will ignore it,