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  1. use the ENBConfig program either Via the Net-7 launcher or via navigating to the following directory and finding the ENBCONFIG executable. EAGAMES/Earth & Beyond/EBCONFIG/ then look for the Enb Config. you will need to run it as Administrator and compatibility , right click on the enbconfig, and go to properties, then select run as administrator then run the compatibility checker once those two are down run the Enb Config, and run through all the resolution settings to find the one you want, there is also a box titles Run in Window or window, most people do run it in a window so they can have the webpages on the portal page and forums open for reference. run the config until you find the resolution your are comfortable with, also run the sound tests to make sure your set up, once you have run the tests and select all the items you want close the config and run the game
  2. OK, I removed the duplicates from your cargo, please use the command : /getgmitems to retrieve the sextans and hunk o'metal,
  3. I'll take care of this when I get home from work tonight. 10:30 pm pacific time
  4. I also could not connect at the same time you wrote this, IT is not a n Issue that the GM's take care of, all the GM;s can do is report the server is down on the forums and wait for a DEV to troubleshoot the issue and report back, which they have down and the server is back up
  5. What is your avatars names so that i may look you up and check out why your not getting the mission
  6. did you create a game account the net-7 portal page. This is separate login for the game
  7. Did you create A game account on the net-7 portal page.
  8. This would be a bug that the devs need to see to verify and squash. You should post this in technical support section. The GM's can not fix an items quality changing issue.
  9. ensure you are using the net-7 launcher and not the EA launcher that is install when you install the game, the EA launcher is trying to load and update from a nonexistent server. if you are using the net-7 launcher ensure that you are point ed to the correct executable file. like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe. also ensure that the server host line is: sunrise.net-7.org and make sure your local ip on the net-7 launcher is set to something your local IP if this is incorrect the launcher is lost.
  10. for the effervo ammunition mission you need to have to following missions completed Silver Token: Inflammatory Ideas [Research Version 8.1.W] or Gold Token: Gud Ammo fer Kenlz and weapons build 10 and you have to have the following in your cargo :1 x Effervo Flechette and 1 x Multiforus Multiplico Effervo Quinque
  11. The longer the tow the more it costs. Every proven should register at Arx Spartoi in Endriago before entering primus space as a precaution it will cost less for towing and repairs.
  12. this is the wrong area for this topic this is for items for GM's V'rix patrols are not GM's its conten
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