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  1. run the EnB config program and uncheck the windowed block, or find a resolution that matches full screen, ensure that you run the test so that the system can set the settings. Woodstock DGM
  2. Just for further information, Ensure you include the Avatars name when ever you have an issue like this it saves time and makes it easier to help, and i was glad to help you in game thank you for playing our game
  3. Thanks Zack
  4. What Zack Said.....
  5. Your net-7 launcher and enb clients are out of date, click on the launcher tab and then select reset updates and restart the net-7 launcher, if it does not update click the launcher tab again and then select check for updates.
  6. Well Last Weeks I had a Particle Emission Tomography (P.E T.) Scan. This Morning i had an appointment with my Oncologist, He looked upbeat when he came in, he Stated I think we got it your P.E.T scan show no cancer. I see him again in October will have another scan before then and we shall see if the Cancer is completely gone, then. (/me does the Happy Dance) Woodstock DGM owner, proprietor and Members of the Peanuts Gang Guild
  7. Job terminal lvl 35 to start the lvl 50 missions, 15 levels below the job level to start. also trade goods vendors have no level limits, if you just starting out, use the trade goods vendor to start there area few routes that can be very lucrative. there are NPC's that give out missions some of these can be repeated a number of times, some of the rewards are nice.
  8. Kvallilee I moved your post as you posted in a Thread no one can reply on,,This is the more correct thread for this subject. OK Now to answer the Reason you post. I looked up your account and you have not logged in since before we did a player wipe when we moved form Stress test status to "Live" status, yous account are still there but you will need to start the sign in process all over, Forums, Net-7 Portal password Since you posted this thread i can safely assume that you signed in ok. You previous avatars have all been completed wiped back to newborn status no equipment, Zero levels, and back in your starting sector . Woodstock (DGM)
  9. They can also put in a GM help ticket which will go directly to the GMs
  10. Thank you all.
  11. Well I am up in San Jose California for a couple of days, attending my Daughters College graduation. She Graduated this morning with a BSCS, (Bachelor of Science in Computer Science). Lets just say Daddy is a very proud person. I will be home tomorrow evening and back to my regular Schedule (mostly) . On a side note i just finished 25 days of radiation treatments for my kidney cancer on the 24th so that will allow me to be in game more also. Woodstock DGM I look a little elderly in the pictures i have been on Chemo for over a year and just finished 5 weeks of radiation.
  12. Dosenbrot, Thank you for catching that, I was not feeling well when I typed that, and had been up about 20 hours so i did not proof read before i pressed enter
  13. Ghent can you attach a copy of your chat log for the time period covered it will make sure we get all the correct players and handle it correctly. thank you Should be located in c: programfiles x86/ea game/ earth & beyond/release/chat.exe just copy and past to a text file then attached it as a reply. Thank you
  14. congrats and welcome to the staff.
  15. any issues with Zweihander sector are also addressed in other threads here on the forums,