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  1. not sure the server devs is working on it at this time he will tell us when its back Woodstock HGM
  2. standby we are waiting for a server Dev to check in and see what the issue is and to reboot the server as needed they have been notified by the forums posts already Woodstock HGM
  3. OK its been moved just use the command /getgmitems to retrieve it on Caiaphus Woodstock HGM
  4. Let me know when, Saturdays thru Wednesdays evenings Ill be working at the Walmart on 12th ave, just off of the 198 I am off Thursdays and Fridays . i know the base has an airshow in September, i already have the week off on vacation so I can go to the Airshow, Woodstock
  5. I don't see the Heart of the Master on Cailey or on Caiaphus I did see the hear to fo the dark one on Cailey, is this the item you wanting moved. Woodstock HGM
  6. (Drools) take my money please. That is one nice machine
  7. Item Moved , use the command /getgmitems to retrieve the item Woodstock HGM
  8. Last night when i was playing i did take a couple hour break i had to take a nap full stomach and up for many hours so i left my avatar in the station on the docking bay when i got back i couldn't move or chat, i noticed the Net-7 tools launcher was on top of the game window (not set to be on top) I couldn't get the tools launcher to close so i had to open the task manager and close the tools launcher that way, when i did that i got full control of the game back and the only other issue i notices was in Antares was a little laggy i was the mob die once before my weapons fired. other that that i didn't have any issues Woodstock HGM
  9. was chatting with ol greentooth in DT when it all locked up and i could not do anything
  10. just docked and was chatting when i typed and it wouldnt appear i tried again it didnt appear i couldnt undock either, so i /quited Woodstock
  11. gated from Antares to VC for a mission, then gated back to Antares when i crashed
  12. gate crashed gating from IO to Jup
  13. was flyin g thru VT from the AP gate to the Fen gate, route taken stopped at valk 1 then select valk 3 for the next warp stop routed valk on 2 4 3 crashed just after hitting 4 and headed to 3
  14. it must be my lot in life, another gate crash, from Ardus to Witberg Woodstock proxylog.dat
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