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  1. Woodstock DGM

    Cannot get past the Map screen

    Avast doesn't like net-7 or enb. I had about for awhile it had a update then it ate my entire net-7 and enb directories. I removed it completely. Make sure I had added rules in the wondo this a firewall for both programs. I rarely have issues any more.
  2. Woodstock DGM

    Cannot get past the Map screen

    Ensure that the net-7 launcher and the enb client files are set to runs as administrator. And also ensure they are set to be exempted from firewall and anti virus.
  3. Woodstock DGM

    Cannot get past the Map screen

    Its something I do from my gmtools. I ran it on the 4 tons you said on your ticket that had the map screen lock up. It usually helps. Did it? Woodstock DGM
  4. Woodstock DGM

    login error INV-300 [can't get in]

    I Just bought a new computer Installed EnB, then installed the Net-7 Launcher, rebooted computer then launched the Net-7 launcher and made sure that it was pointing to ENB client, and that the ip address was correct then started the update routine and go through all the updates and launched the game and had no problems, i do know that the ip address can cause problems also not point the client line to the correct file also causes problem, Woodstock DGM
  5. Woodstock DGM

    Revenge: In Triplicate

    I just got home from work and turned on my computer Systems and saw this, i have fixed your issue i advanced the mission one step past the point your having the issue with. Woodstock DGM
  6. Woodstock DGM

    Assistance please

    OK no race or professions restrictions, but the level is the only restriction it is =150 not >/=150 i went and tried to get the mission on my Gm toon and go the same standard npc message, So I am assuming that the mission my not be available or in active at this time i will check with the devs to check. .. .. .. .. I received notification for the devs this mission for Wallace is not yet in game, it is not ready at this time, Woodstock DGM
  7. Woodstock DGM

    Assistance please

    You know I didn't even check that. I will look into that when I get home from work tonight. In about 7 hours. Woodstock. Dgm
  8. Woodstock DGM

    Assistance please

    he does have a mission and it is lvl =150 the only reason i can see why your not getting this mission is that you have a full mission list of 12 missions and you cant get any more missions, my suggestions is to complete a few of your missions then talk to him again and see if you can get this mission. Woodstock DGM
  9. Woodstock DGM

    Report for Lady : Moire Archer

    Glad to be of service Woodstock DGM.
  10. Woodstock DGM

    Report for Lady : Moire Archer

    OK, I gave you a new report for this mission use the command /getgmitems to retrieve the report, i also answered this on your ticket. Woodstock DGM
  11. Woodstock DGM

    Report for Lady : Moire Archer

    What is your avatars name. I am at work for the next 8 hours. I can fix you when I get home. If you have t done so you can put a help ticket to the gems in game using the tab get help at the top to the game screen. I will get the tickets and work then as soon. As I am at home.
  12. Woodstock DGM

    can't even get to login screen

    ensure you are using the Net-7 launcher, and ensure the block client is pointing to :C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\release\client.exe.. DO NOT RUN THE EA ENB Launcher it will not work and will give you the error you stated. Woodstock (DGM)
  13. Woodstock DGM

    Taking out the trash

    Data satellite 4 in mercury sector. it is a very hidden nav there are several others in the sector also if yo explore a bit off the beaten paths. it took me awhile to find it myself.
  14. Woodstock DGM

    Game won't start

    check to ensure the net-7 launcher and the EnB Client are set to run as administrator rights, also ensure the net-7 launcher and the enb client are set to be exceptions to your antivirus and firewall. also check your compatibility with both the launcher and the EnB client. Woodstock {DGM}
  15. Woodstock DGM


    Your Welcome but you should Thank Zackman he rebooted the server