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  1. First ensure that your anti-virus and. Firewalls are set to allow ENB access through. Then ensure that oth the enb client and net-7 clients are set to run as administrator. And also run the compatibility settings so the windows knows how to handle the game. Then on the NET-7 launcher the four vertical boxs (packet optimization, etc) are marked. If those don't help post inthe technical support section of the forums for Dev assistance
  2. The warden tells you to ho buy the reports at the vendor thats located in the side room. They are in the cell block room
  3. IIRC it has been there from the beginning , whats your Avatars name? ill look to see if there is an issue or missed missions on them,
  4. I can not change your forums/Net-7 portal pages passwords you can do that your self on the Forums under your account information . you can change your in-game password your self on the NET-7 portal Page under the account tab then select avatar setting, select the account on the pull down box at the top of the page then go to the bottom of the page to reset your password to one that will be easy to remember, I can not help you with the password to your email account as that is with Google and you Woodstock HGM
  5. I am at work until 10pm. Pacific time. I can look you up after I get home pm through the forums here with account names email and avatar names on the accounts. And I will see what I can do to assist you. Woodstock HGM
  6. his issue is not a GM area question is more game mechanics
  7. yes it is down, it appears we had a possible hardware failure i the domain controller, be patient it will be up as soon as its repaired.
  8. I just got home from work, i see the server is down, unfortunately i can not do anything about that, as I do not have server rights, the main server dev is in Europe so he should be getting up soon hopefully he will see the server is down and see whats up and restart us back up. hopefully the hamster fell off the wheel and didn't die from Covid 19.
  9. I just completed this mission on my Alt FriedaJD without any issues went straight through no lag no delays and no other issues Wun1one i saw your GM Help ticket and fix your mission Woodstock HGM
  10. the server showed some else that i was grouped with them when i was not in a group so i understand we just have to wait for one of the server devs to get the message
  11. i am aware of this issue i can not log in with out immediately having to restart, this how over is not a gm issue as GM's can not do serer work such as restating or troubleshooting server issues. Woodstock HGM
  12. its possible your faction with a specific faction changed and allowed the mission
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