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  1. this is the first time i have seen anything about your issue from you. if you can access the net-7 portal page under the account tab then avatar settings there is a block at the top of the page where you select the game account towards the bottom of the page there is a place to change your own passwords including forgot passwords. select the game account and change that password Woodstock HGM
  2. Are you using the net-7 launcher or the old EA Game Launcher which does not work?
  3. retry it appears the servers were not communicating with the inter-webs. its up now
  4. Web based map at www.enbmaps.de
  5. right click on the icon for E&Bconfig and select troubleshoot compatibility select winxp service pack 2 , ensure you run teh config as administrator also'
  6. Right click on the ENB Config icon and select troubleshoot compatibility or compatibility depends on your windows level, select run as Windows XP. ensure you run the config program as Administrator, and select the resolution and run the test if you don't run the test it doesn't set the resolution. if want to run in a window so you can tab out to the browser and back ensure that the windowed mode box is selected
  7. you need to link the accounts you have to the main one you use, using the account linking menu selection under the account on the portal page
  8. I recently had this same issue and this is what i did... Run the EnB config program i the under the ENB game directory in the ENB config folder. ensure you run it as administrator and run all the resolution test until you find the one that fits your monitor and desires, also ensure the play in window is marked if you want the game in a window and not full screen. . Woodstock HGM
  9. It's not in game. That looks like from the original live alpha or beta tests
  10. on the net-7.org (the Portal page) go to the account tab under there you will find a create account selection, use this to create a Game account (this will be your game sign in ) if you played in original live your accounts and avatars are not available and can not be recovered as EA erased all that data. once your in game using this new sign in go to avatar creation and create your new avatar to select your avatar use the inside arrows to select them you can also select the original 3 missing professions the Terran Scout, Progen Privateer and the Jenquai Seeker, remember to use the Net-7 Launcher to start the game not the EA game launcher. the EA launcher will not start the game. Woodstock HGM (Head Game Master)
  11. The GM's do not have control of Raid Triggers outside of the PRS sector, this is more of the Dev,'s area of responsibility as its game system
  12. Roflmao behind me but its not full of beer well there is some beer in there along with coca cola, gatorade, water, snacks plant milk and some chocolate
  13. This is a short video of my system. 5 of 6 computers. Number 6 is a notepad hooked to the stereo in living room so I can stream music from one of my desktops to the stereo and through the house 20200313_211811.mp4
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