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Ursa 9 Hulk Drop

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I think Arthur had blocked that post with the timer time....I tried to look that post up and it was even blocked to me.....sooo I guess the forums are being censored.....

Have always been.  



Just saying,


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well it was more a personal post due to the fact that Arthur did say and also edited mob info on another posting...I was making the public aware that the forum is being monitored and edited to the staff`s discretion....

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I will clarify a point here, and hopefully this will help everyone understand a thing or two.


I "moderated" the discussion in the "Drop Rate" thread because that is a place where players can interact with Evermore and other staff (including myself) to verify that objects listed as dropping actually are.

Actual drop locations are never discussed there, and one or two players asking for such (albeit from rumor or other player knowledge) in a thread dedicated to other ends is basically a hijack, however unintentional.

You have a player nurtured, fed, and watered wiki for posting drop locations and other information, and we encourage it's use and development by the player base.


Quite frankly, and as several other staff members have also mentioned, we are pretty tolerant of discussions in here that are off-topic of off-purpose for some threads and their locations.

A properly moderated and directed forum would not necessarily be as interesting, or as popular.


And since I'm the "bad guy", and my name has been dropped, I'm going to lock this thread. I don't see anything productive here.

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