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  1. Hi, I have to use a sock5 proxy to have full port access to the internet. How can I set up the Net7 Proxy to use my sock5 proxy? I've tried with Control Panel -> Internet Option but Net-7 Proxy wont take that way (browser do) Suggestions? Thank you in advance
  2. Thank you for the precise and quick reply
  3. Hi, i'm a returning player, played the original game and the beta EMU. Is there a way to know my old weapon/device setup of my character in the beta EMU before last wipe? Thank you in advance
  4. Hi all, I joined you guild just yesterday. Character name is Iuy and I'm a JD Played a lot with original EA game with a TE, played a lot with beta Emu before wipe, and now i'm back again Thank you a lot for letting me in. Looking forward to know all of you Cya in game
  5. I have just donated to the new server project that now has disappeared. mmhhh
  6. - No reason given to player - Banned for PM that should not be considered offence [b][size=6]Please Free VadenTT[/size][/b] [quote name='Lot' timestamp='1326310165' post='51351'] Free VadenTT!! Before even becoming a GM, Sneaky threated he was gonna ban Vaden and carried out his threat once he became a GM. I respect the work that the other GMs do for the community but bad apple on a power trip needs the boot. [/quote] Really? Feeling should be left outta being a GM
  7. HEY HEY, I've just made a donation and now the server status is "Starting" Go go go Keep up with donations, it's working!
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