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  1. It was my new antivirus firewall. Sorry guys!
  2. Hello everyone, I've decided to get back and shoot few missiles, but for some reason when i choose my avatar and clock enter i get kicked in the log in menu after few secs of loading. Can anyone help me to go trough this loading screen?
  3. It was all about the arena. Instanced pvp, not open one. You want to pvp? Go inside and do whatever you want with no impact on the others
  4. Wait a second ...   1. You are using the word "lure" way too much and by your post i only understand that my idea is to "force" people to do something that they do NOT want.   2. I don't want to "lure" anyone, but to make something interesting and different. I don't need rewards, i want to PvP from time to time. The rewards are for those that love the loot.   Don't like 200%? Ok! Don't want unique loot? Ok! Want some paintings? Ok!   It's an idea, not final thing. We give suggestions only, not final decisions.    3. Please don't compare me with a creepy guy in the trench coat at the park. I don't get things over the internet personal, but this is making me feel kinda offended. Don't forget that when people are reading posts on the forums some sentences are leaving more impression than others. I am an adult and have family and kids. Comparing me (even when you are joking) with that kind of things is making me furious.   Thanks for reading and let's all forget about the arena idea that will lure people into a trap.   Liubosa.
  5. liuu

    Credit Sink Idea

    I like the idea of buying some % to your non manufacturable stuff with credits. That will make people go farm more and that will make people sell stuff to others. I may be wrong, but this idea "may" wake up the market.   Liubosa
  6.   Most of the suggestions are realy great, the sector PvP i liked a lot. But IMO we have to start from the beginning AKA the arena thing. If the arena have enough "customers" than later the DEVs can think about something bigger.   I know that DEVs have no time for this, because they have jobs, families, content to develop and of course they want free time. I'm ready (and i am sure that i am not alone here) to help them test whatever they want so we can have the things faster and better.    Liubosa
  7. Or may be the first place can use some unique model for his main char? Mordana cruiser or RD ship for example? I don't know if it's possible, but the idea is not bad?
  8. You were on Pegasus? How didn't we met in arena?
  9. Greetings EnB people,   I was thinking about a suggestion for people that want to play PvP so here is my idea.   What you think about arena competition with seasons? One season per month or two with unique rewards so the PvE players will be tempted to join.   Example:   First place - A non tradable and non manufacturable item that you posses to be made a 200% with an extra skill. Second place - same like first but you can choose one of the goodies. Third place - some unique device   I bet that some of you will be realy excited to have your precious non manufacturable item at 200%?   Imo it will be a lot of fun! What do you guys think? If anyone like the idea i would like to share more.       Liubosa
  10. I have solved the problem. Please close the topic. Thanks for the answers!
  11. To this acc please, sry for that.
  12. Greetings,   I have an account that have been created before 3-4 years and when i came back to play before 1-2 months i was unable to remember my password. Note that this is not my original account, but alt one.   Asked GM to help and he resetted it. The problem now is that i can not enter www.net-7.org with my acc and new pass.   The message that appear is: Login failed. You need to use forum credentials to log in.   Am i coming to the right place for this issue? If not, please guide me.   Thanks in advance!   Edit: I can access the game with my new pass, just not the webpage.
  13. Greetings everyone,   Can we please have a GM that can be online (if possible) during EU day times? I know most of you guys are from US, but i know a lot of people that play the game from Europe and finding a GM during our day time is almost impossible. We need a man who can unstuck, move you to another zone, return your lost mission items and that's almost all about. Basicly a guy that can help you to play if your account is stuck or something like that.   Thanks!
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