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  1. hey all,   i still have my JE in Zweihander and cant log it in. None of my chars can enter it. Not only from Witberg, from the TE sector also. Are there any new clues?   best regards   Bogota
  2. What happened to Zweihandersector?   My toons were always able to enter, passtrhrough or leave it. Since last year Septembre all that is impossible with no changes on my side. I re-installed, turned Firewall and virusprotection off - no Change, the issue remained. I tried all the hints in another thread regarding gating-issues; but they didnt help, as they didnt relate to my Problem. I never had any Problems with gating, Docking/undocking since the early days of ST4. Now i miss my favourite game and guild so much. Zweihander is a vital sector for gameplay now, that the Bogs are in again.   Please, can anybody help here?   Best regards,   Bogota  
  3. I just want to bring my issue up again and make absolutely clear, that there is simply no network-Problem on my side. How do i know that? Simple enough: i turned the Firewall off, i turned antivirusprotection Software off and STILL (after reinstalling the whole game) cant enter zweihander, nor can i Play my JE anymore, that was moved there kindly by a GM as a request of a Trouble ticket. Again, i NEVER had gating Problems. I have These Problems with Zweihander and ist gate ONLY! This is logically not an IP-Problem. I know, that in this thread there are many different Problems mixed up and i might not be that easy to understand for my rather well english. I want to push this Problem back into the conscience of the DEVs by saying, that since the post above nothing happened. This is no complaint, i just hope, that there might be a solution now and am eager to hear it. I love this game so much, but with all that new Content, Zweihander is a vital sector again. I wanna add, that all the Zweihander-Topic started when the Bogerilcontent was patched in. I gated there for the JE-HU-Mission for example without any probs ever. Now i cant spawn in Zweihander, cant gate in or (of course) out of it, my guild is clueless and so am I. One Thing i know for sure: Its not a Network Problem, when just one gate and sector doesnt function for all the toons that worked well with it before patching with ports and such. Again, i wanna stress that this no complaint - i just wanna Play my fav game again ;) Please help me back into the game!   Greets from a lonely place outside the EnB universe,   Bogota
  4. Hey all and Zack, i am going desperate here. Since 3 years, my System Plays all sectors and functions of the game pretty fine. I never had that freezings and such, just maybe because of Network hiccups, but never as a steady outcome of gating. However, since a few weeks i cant enter Zweihander (and only Zweihander!) anymore. My JE that was moved there kindly as a result of a Ticketrequest, cant log in anymore. Any other Toon on my account (and system) cant enter Zweihander anymore. I Play from Germany, there are just a few hops from Cologne to Frankfurt to go, i use a typical DSL-Line at 20 Mbit/sec (ADSLx2). I tried the Workaround mentioned in the Initial post - no success. Also IPv6 is banned from my entire local Network. It gets translated into IP4 when entering my Network as a consequence. Why then the Setting "disable IPv6" should help, is beyond my technical knowledge. Further on, all the Problems are related to a patch somewhen this year, as they didnt exist anytime earlier. To be precise, IP4 will die some day, so wouldnt it be wise, to try to fix that serversided, once and for all? (if possible)  I am not Techie enough, to know exactly what I am doing, following your instructions and i dont feel very comfy with that. First of all, it doesnt help me. Many others have issues like me, that didnt have them before that patch. In my eyes (as a network-noob) it Looks like the Problem is selfmade. I really have no idea or understanding of the mechanics behind it, but: i am thinking logically enough, that no Change on my side cant cause the actual Problem as a rootcause - agreed? If i can help you finding the Problem behind it, i will do. I have teamspeak and teamviewer installed here, my cooperation herewith offered ;) Please feel invited to collect technical data, reagarding that Zweihander-issue on my System, if you think, that it might help to fix the Problems occured. From the Logical side, id try to compare exactly, what part of that patch, that caused the actual issues, is different from the Version before it, that worked so fine for almost all of us. But as prev. said, im not Techie enough to judge or solve the rootcauses. Just to make the info complete: I un/reinstalled Client and launcher last week, trying to solve the probs - the issue remained. I Play on an Acer M3970-System, graphics Card is a Nvidia GT 575, OS is Windows 7 64 bit, CPU is Intel Core i7 2600. My "router" is a Fritzbox 7170. I can Play the SWG-EMU without any issue at all (like EnB earlier), all actual games from Egoshooters to MMOs work perfectly well. I never experienced any issue with IP4 and 6 so far - this is the first time i hear of such an issue, when you define a local Network as either IP 4 or 6, all packets get "translated" and the packets reach their destinations...why not on just a single sector? If I had to guess, i d think the UDP-port used is one, that Windows regards as "not trustworthy" - and therefore blocks it. I read that the Server used UDP 3455 earlier and that it  not using it now, as a serversided fix. Again just a guess, but perhaps the port used now is also a "problematic" one using Windows? Please help, i really miss my favourite game :)   Kind regards Bogota
  5. yep, all 3 tried in various formations... with and wo local cert... with and wo ssl what i consider wrong is, that the launcher prompt says "login OK" and stays open, when the game stops... Bogota
  6. I tried that. unfortunately the proxy claims to be unable o connect to the port when i use local cert. Any other ideas? Bogota
  7. I am getting the same "INV-300" message after giving in account data since today. reinstalled and forced patch launcher, also tried reinstalling certificate... if i start debug launch, there is nothing further mentioned in it. When i quit the game after getting the inv-300 message, the launcher.bat-window doesnt close nor tell me, i stopped playing. It also says that the login was ok?! I need help, no idea what to do Greetz! Bogota
  8. All fine, worked Thx anyways Bogo
  9. Hacking should definitely not get more range, because what would be the advantage to disable a mobs weapon, that doesnt hit you? If we would all wish such things, why not giving beams a missilerange? lol I think, hacking is a defensive skill, that helps, when kiting isnt working - it helps to reduce the incoming damage. I dont think, that its meant to work as a ranged debuff... Kiters have it easy enough, really. Greetz! Bogota
  10. @Merlin: i expect you to be one, that has not much fun in playing at lower levels. when i read how many toons you create and play simultaneously, then i start to wonder, if multipleboxing is a good thing...and i think it is not! You are taking a mayor xp-time-advantage over playing with yourself instead of the community (at least it reads that way and really no offense!) but then: play as you can enjoy, that is always the main routine, when i am asked to topic: well, i dont care a whipe, there are harder things in life but reading TB saying, the servers are about "beta-status" now is GOOD NEWS! Now that gives hope on new content soon, like vrix, mordana, zach garretts quests....cant wait it Greetz! Para
  11. Bogota


    I think it was good as it was in live. What we lack atm are the Vrix, which also gave RD faction (if i rember right), not spoiling homefactions... So atm there is a component missing for a good build, but im sure we can live with that and things evolve Good work devs, bring back the opportunity to EARN things in this game, like being a pirate best regards, Bogota [PirateLords]
  12. Hey Fuulish, nope, i cant even log one char into the game anymore. In this thread there is a player "Trip65", that seems to have had the same problem that I have. It is probably the construction of having a bridgerouter as accessgear and therfor the two networkadapters. (1 logical, 1 physical) As I am not the techie, i can just speculate, but i think, that this IP-binding for the multiple-account-use causes fails in my type of connection. On the other hand, my type of connection is not exotic in anyway, its more or less usual when you have a DSL-access with a bridge, using PPPoE. It looks alike , that the patches regarding "multiple-acc-use on one system" dont take care of people using bridges instead of standalone-routers. regards, Para
  13. yes, C-Del, exactly. David managed to correct that after the first patch for multiple-account-use, but 2 days later, this last patch brought me back offline. I think, that David can tell you much better, what the problem behind that is. I can only speculate, but that wouldnt help the cause, so i rather dont do it and leave it to you guys, that understand that materia much better kind regards, Para
  14. Well, its nice to have people running multiple accounts on one system, but for me, as i am connected directly through a bridge and have two networkadapters, 1 real, 1 logical, i am not able to play the game anymore. Sad thing, contacted Devs according this and am sure, will be fixed, but just for the record and the tracking of probs...this patch disables DSL-customers using bridges directly. kind regards, Bogota edit: so it seems, that i have the same problem as trip65 has had....unluckily i have neither a friend that has a router spare, nor am i allowed to connect different hardware to my line, id lose all support if i did. well, not that that would really hold me off from using a router, but as really every other netbased application shows not the even the hint of a problem, i dont feel like buying a router...and i also dont have the cash for it, sad as it is
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