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  1. Not for me there wasn't. I stopped playing because I was tired of watching triggers just sit there floating around and not being able to raid unless I was prepared to sit up until 1am. How can a game seriously hope to maintain player's from the UK & surrounding timezones. Yes plenty start playing but after a while they all stop for that very reason. Is the rotation needed? Def not or it would exist in other online game's and it doesn't, they all cope just fine go figure. It never existed in live and when all is said and done, here we all are trying to enjoy a game that was taken offline years ago, so we weren't deterred by the camping etc. Bottom line is everything posted on this topic is a mute point as nothing will ever change right up to the point they turn the lights off. This game in my experience has the best in game player base I have come across ( nothing was too much trouble when it came to help etc) but by far the worst system in game. Wall meet head and start banging when ready lol.
  2. I went out and found you a Steingards if you want it? Just look up PESTILENNCE in game and I will give it to you as an early xmas pressie from the most handsome toon in the EnB universe
  3. I have not raided in months due to the late hour they take place, it's nobody's fault it's a numbers game and the public slot is more populated late at night. it's frustrating when I see over 100 players online at login and a raid trigger sitting there because we can't get enough players to do it because those online at the time are mostly made up off the diff guilds and it's not their trigger and I know I am not alone in feeling this way.
  4. I do 100% and you won't hear me complain. This is the only and I mean only game I have encountered that has such an issue with raids. You can choose to either play the game and enjoy all the aspects of it as intended (being adult about it) or you can camp and keep shooting the trigger so nobody else can get it but eventually you would have collected all the loot it has to offer and get bored. (being a spoilt child) Either way there is nothing in any of the raids that make or break this game and you can still kill everything even if you just used vendor equipment, it just takes a little longer. That is what makes this game so great and above all the other morphs that requires real cash to be parted in order to improve yr toon, that seems to be the way these days. Don't take it personally and I have no issue at all with VGE or any of the guilds in game this is just my opinion on the rotation issue.
  5. What official rules were broken here? As long as they are capable of taking down the trigger/raid successfully then they are entitled to shoot it.
  6. You are correct but currently not at the moment due to the migration.
  7. Hi, I switched the forums over to the new dark theme and I love it but I have noticed a small problem with using it. If you try using the search function on the top right, you can not see your text in the little box, perhaps this can be switched to a white background on that feature? Not a complaint just and observation and suggestion, I can make do with it as it is. Regards Pestilennce.
  8. I just spent 2 days trying to gather interest for help with a raid, as I like to battle with others and enjoy the camaraderie it brings with it but nobody was interested, in the end I just multiboxed it with a couple of guildies. This is exactly why people end up making a stack of alts. I guess just standing in OMP or F7 chatting is way more interesting these days.
  9. Hey Cimbad, I hope you get well soon and buddy you have definitely NOT let anyone down, we are your pals after all and you do what you have to do as your health is always paramount. Take care and smile often and seeya in game. PESTILENNCE
  10. Thank you woodstock for your reply I didn't realise you could do it also, I will keep it in mind and have informed others that you can do the PRs when you are available and the interest is there with everyone. Kindest Regards PESTILENNCE.
  11. Hi all, Would it be possible to do these more often and at a regular time slot? I understand this is Blacklungs playground and he is a busy man and cannot commit his own time to a regular slot himself but could it be possible for other people to be able to open the gate and trigger the raids? The reason I ask is because with the current rotation as it stands two of the raids in the game are pretty much impossible for people to attend outside of the USA timezone, the DT and RD base raids are long raids and by the time people organise, do the raid and lotto the loot it's usually about 3 hours that has flown by lol. Due to the amount of players in the game that are in the USA time zone those raids are usually done around midnight my time zone or 1am when they are home from work teatime their time, leaving the possibility for the rest of us to attend and raid pretty much zero because many of us have to get up for work etc 3 hours or so later after the raid is due to finish, personally I have not been able to do the RD base for over 9 months or more now and have done a DT raid once in 6 months. This is NOT a complaint as I know nothing can be done about when those raids are started because it's simply down to when there are enough eligible online at the time but at least with the PRS raids everyone regardless of guild tag can join making it a lot easier to find the 12 or more people needed and will mean more chances of obtaining the gear from those raids for the rest of us who cannot stay up so late/early depends on the time, this is merely a suggestion of something to perhaps that can be considered. Fly safe Regards PESTILENNCE
  12. As a Progen I loved the /craft feature for my ammo building and will miss it :(, it always worked as it should for me personally but then again I never went looking for bugs or exploits with it. I hope it will get any kinks ironed out and placed back in the game but if not oh well thanks for at least trying to help out the player base and a shame a few have inconvenienced the many long term, for a short term personal gain. Fly safe and kill with honour Pestilennce.
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