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  1. My Jenquai Explorer was working on "Seeking Key" and I realized, after doing some other quests, that I am missing the item needed to finish this quest. Is there any way to get the item back? I went back to the characters I started the quest with, but no help there.
  2. Newbie Question~ And BTW, thank you for all of this info. There is more that I have forgotten about E&B than what I remember! My question: Are some areas off-limits until you reach a certain level or do a certain quest? I can't remember, but it seems that some gates won't work for me, so I assumed that I was missing something. Thank you!
  3. Played just to the end~ It was my first MMORPG. My son, SophTT who was then DJPerv, I think, got me playing.     It was really depressing when E&B ended, we searched in vain for another game to love....   Have played many, but E&B is my first love... I can't remember what my alts names were, and re-learning the game, but so glad to be back!
  4. This fixed it for me! I had uninstalled, reinstalled, got the 301 error and now, fixed! Thank you all!
  5. I have given up. Maybe you can get on, Joe, if so, let me know!   I have Windows 8.1 and don't think there is an issue with it, but my computer might have its own problems.
  6. Yes, only use the Net7 launcher, only use admin, I think its my computer. Piece of %*(@*.   I might try to get my son to try it, I am really frustrated that his lady friend, who never played E&B before got right on.      ******Wait, Portal Page?
  7. *sigh* yes, I used the Net7 launcher and I forced an update, twice.   I will try it again. Thanks.
  8. I think I have done everything. I have added E&B to the "allowed" programs through the firewall, I have uninstalled and re-installed Net7 and E&B, updated twice, I have done a clean boot, I have followed everything, I think,  yet I am still getting the error message:   "Incompatible version of Net7 Proxy, Latest version is 2.41"   and   "Server Failed to Respond to Login Attempt"
  9. Joe, look at 301 error:  https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/forum-56/announcement-13-read-first-technical-support-faq-and-common-fixes/   scroll down to the bottom.   I am still unable to get on, I am getting a "incompatible net proxy" message. I did a clean boot and that helped for a second.... is it my computer? My sons GF got on, first try. I am so frustrated!
  10. Yes, the IP address is correct, and I checked  everything I have seen on those pages.   This time it said, "Server failed to respond to login attempt".
  11. Thank you, working on it.   Now I can't get a server to go online. Are the servers down?
  12. Not a techie, but I AM determined.....   when I get to the Login Window, it askes for my EA Member Name and Password?   I have entered my Net7 info, which is the same as my Earth and Beyond info, but it son't work.   E&B is the first online game I played, and I NEED to get back to the Mothership!   I am clueless about what my EA member name and password or even my email address at that time was.....   Thanking you in advance~
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