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  1. IssacOzzman

    Had to remake Acct.

    Mar 26, 2016 08:54:30 PDTTransaction ID: 9N7071866N8265948 This email confirms that you have donated $20.00 USD to Net-7 Entertainment, Inc. (Net7Entertainment@net-7.org) using PayPal. Donation Details Confirmation number: 9N7071866N8265948 Donation amount: $20.00 USD Total: $20.00 USD Purpose: Forum Donation Reference: 38943 The following options were included with this payment: Anonymous: Contributor: Jeffrey Wenger Recipient information Donations coordinator: Net-7 Entertainment, Inc.
  2. IssacOzzman

    Had to remake Acct.

    Hello I Had to remake my Acct. I aslo Donated before the Forums went down can you relink and give me back my Donator Title. Thank You Issac Ozzman