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  1. IssacOzzman

    Videos: Solar System Tours

    Great job love the videos fly safe o/ IssacOzzman
  2. IssacOzzman

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    Sorry about the Audio My Pc Crashed when starting Stream and I didn't check it when I restarted it. But here is the starting of Seekers. Enjoy
  3. IssacOzzman

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    Thank you Woodstock the map will be a great help and thanks for the other advice.
  4. IssacOzzman

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    Me and Emerald also played EVE online for many years it's just getting back to playing Earth and Beyond is a bit different it's been a long time since 2003 when a had my top lvl Explorer.
  5. IssacOzzman

    Hello Issac Ozzman I have Started a Letsplay.

    Episode 2 up now on Youtube I hope you all enjoy.
  6. IssacOzzman

    Open Discussion to EA about EnB

    I would not want to See EA pick this game back up they killed it to soon Back in 2004. Fly Safe o/
  7. IssacOzzman

    Where has everyone gone?

    Me and My Girlfriend will be on and off the server now We are Streaming are new Series we are doing. I hope to see you around. Fly Safe IssacOzzman
  8. I have started I LetsPlay with My Girlfriend EmeraldOnxy I Played Earth and Beyond Back in 2002 when is came out and had a Lvl 200 JE that was a Red Pirate I have Allways wanted to Play this again I hope you all enjoy this Lets Play. IssacOzzman
  9. IssacOzzman

    Had to remake Acct.

    Mar 26, 2016 08:54:30 PDTTransaction ID: 9N7071866N8265948 This email confirms that you have donated $20.00 USD to Net-7 Entertainment, Inc. (Net7Entertainment@net-7.org) using PayPal. Donation Details Confirmation number: 9N7071866N8265948 Donation amount: $20.00 USD Total: $20.00 USD Purpose: Forum Donation Reference: 38943 The following options were included with this payment: Anonymous: Contributor: Jeffrey Wenger Recipient information Donations coordinator: Net-7 Entertainment, Inc.
  10. IssacOzzman

    Had to remake Acct.

    Hello I Had to remake my Acct. I aslo Donated before the Forums went down can you relink and give me back my Donator Title. Thank You Issac Ozzman