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  1. Same thing I experienced. It seems good to go now though..
  2. Disabled ipv6 on that NIC and trying to get a new capture for you.
  3. Link to cap sent in message, let me know if there is an issue.
  4. I do, but the .cap is only 9MB anyways
  5. I'll kick one off this morning, but the issue can take hours sometimes to manifest so the cap will be rather large w/o a filter. Additionally, the server is still accepting commands from the client, but it's not reflected clientside. For instance, I was able to reset my avatar in the star base while "frozen" this morning.
  6. This is the exact issue I'm experiencing and in the same time frame. Sometimes I can go for an hour or so without issues, others I'll have this happen 5 times in 10 minutes. Is there some logging we can do on our side that would be helpful when this occurs?
  7. Why with JE or JD specifically? N/M, answered my own question, duh.....
  8. I tried to start Progen characters this week, and this is exactly why I quit. I died a total of four times trying to get my L10 hull upgrade. The first three were because I didn't have any navs mapped and got popped by the CL40-50 V'riix. That's fine, but the last one I died at the upgrade spot itself when L50 V'vriix came out of nowhere and instagibbed me. Luckily, I was able to get the upgrade first.
  9. Sorry, I wasn't concerned about the response time.  I just assumed the verification email was automated.  If this the case, I most likely typed my email wrong as I didn't receive one.     Please don't take this as a, "OMG why is it taking so long to get to my ticket," post.   :)
  10. What is the typical response time when creating a new ticket?  I opened two a few hours ago, and have yet to receive an email with the ticket #.  I fear I may have typed my email incorrectly, but I don't want to create duplicate tickets.
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