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  1. Many of the current players in the game are seeing triggers going to waste . The general consensus among current regular players is that we need a 24 hour rule within the rotation. That being if you can not or do not want to take down the raid within a 24 hour time window it should go to a free for all for the server . It will be announced in General server chat that the 24 hours is up and going to a free for all .
  2. Hi Stanig , good to see are still around . I have been playing again for the last month or so . I see a lot of up and coming players who played live and have found the Sunrise EMU . The community as a whole are helping them with information and equipment . Fly safe!!
  3. Hey is it possible to chat on net 7 Teamspeak when you have time please ?

  4. well I finally took the time to install this .. works great for me .. i also macroed my launch routine because i run 4 toons on one cpu .. now i can launch and go make coffee when i return im up and running : )
  5. Just saying. Nazi
  6. I do believe Alurras term is up. August 18 is a year.
  7. welcome
  8. Where is the mission to activate start ?