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  1. Thank you so very much for all the work!!
  2. You only need to post once in the server status thread,  every time someone posts,  everyone gets notified , that there is a new post.  As I have multiple computers and a cell phone with forums access,  I get 10  notifications for each post.  this time of day  the Server Dev May be asleep  as he is in central Europe  and its early morning there,  as soon as he is awake and able to he will look at the server.  If there is more than a server restart needed it will take a bit till the server comes back up, the last long down time was due to the server farm lost some hard drives to failures, and had to troubleshoot down to the drive  and replace the same and do backup restores  before we were able to play again,  Patience is required  with these issues.  Thank you.  Also I can not restart or do server work  I'm not knowledgeable in that area.  


    Woodstock HGM

  3. It was suggested by Woody that I post here. I had a toon last week that incurred debt. I played another toon but found that the debt reduction algorithm did not work as it should. It took 5 days for the debt to be eliminated. Isn't the rate supposed to be about 9.6% per hour? I have never had debt over 24 hours at my level. Eventually that was eliminated. Then another toon (Claudiawe) incurred debt yesterday. Today 24 hours later that debt has not been reduced at all. None. Zero. This issue seemed to start about the time there was a big problem. Many people ended up waking up in strange places far from where they were. I don't believe the Jump Start removed debt as it should have either. This alt had higher debt at lvl 60 than my other toon at lvl 86. My ticket response was that the GM can not alter Debt functions. I am sure this is some kind of bug. But I have already reported it and been turned down. So if a Developer could look at this please, it would be appreciated. Regards Sparksvonrou
  4. I have done that. Still will not run. What I don't understand is totally deleting it all and reinstalling from the downloads, it still reports the same Issues. Was running perfect a couple months ago. There have been no equipment changes. Sparksvonrou
  5. Yes. I use the launcher every time. I will check the paths and insure the run as administrator. (How to do that clicking play from inside launcher??) I will revert as soon as I get a chance to try to play again, probably tomorrow. Thanks Sparksvonrou
  6. Need help. Is anyone still monitoring this ?? How do I repair this issue with the Net-7proxy? I even deleted the entire Net-7 folder and reinstalled from the unified installed. Every time I start from the launcher it says that error. Thanks Sparksvonrou
  7. Disregard.... after accidently leaving it set for some time, suddenly it started an is running. I'll see if it restarts better next time. Thanks for reading.
  8. I logged in last week I think it was no problem. Today I try to log in and the Net 7 loader appears in the task manage and on the bar. Nothing else ever happens. Window 7. No changes to Windows that I'm aware of. I've restarted several times. It does show up in task manager but isn't using any resources. Any ideas? Tks Sparksvonrou
  9. Cant login. Crashed out. Looks like server is down.
  10. Here we are in July already. Whats the current situation? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I was the Guild Leader of "Shift". I just found the emulator here online today and was exstatic. I am in process of downloading everything and am anxious to play again. I hope it is as good as the original E&B was.   My question is can my guild be reactivated with me the Guild Leader?   Thanks Sparksvonrou
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