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  1. Thanks. I'm up and running now. I just gotta figure out how to move the window. I cracked the screen on my laptop somehow. >.<
  2. Sorry been dealing with a loss in the family. I have just checked files and that folder is empty on my system. I'm thinking either the latest Dell or Windows update messed things up. What's the best way of just doing a full re-install of the game?
  3. Sorry. Been sick and still am. Nothing has changed since I installed this game a few years back. I did have a couple of system updates and not sure if Windows or Dell update messed it up.
  4. I keep running into this issue when attempting to play. I was playing it just fine yesterday. :-\
  5. Thanks for replying. This is good to know. I'm working on getting my brother to and was going to let him mess around with the Starship Creator on my laptop to get an idea of what kinds of characters are available and a general idea of how they're played. Sorry for the late reply, between my health and my finally being back in the game I kinda got sidetracked.
  6. I have a question. If you create characters in the creator and then take them live. is it safe to delete them from the creator? I was wondering as I spent most my time playing a JD and TT during the official live era. So, to see how different/similar the missing classes are, I used the creator to make them and if there's a chance it will wipe them; I'd rather not risk it. If they are safe to delete from the creator, it'll give me an opportunity to see what I can create for other characters; should I decide to tackle having more than five characters. On a more personal note to the team who did an amazing job reviving the game. My hat's off you all. I am sorry it took me this long to come back to the fold. I have been dealing with a lot of things that had me rather preoccupied. Despite, my tiny disability funds, if I can swing it I would like to discuss an arrangement with the leaders as I feel this game is finally getting the due it deserves. .
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