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  1. OK, I was able to launch through the launcher and it patched a mess of files, but I am back to the same thing.
  2. I try to use the Net7 launcher and this is what I get. When I click 'QUIT' it launches the launcher but just hangs. It seems to be looking for an EXE I dont have.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. It just hangs with no error messages.
  4. Hello all. I'm new here, but I played ENB back in the EA days. I installed everything but the patcher can't seem to connect to the patch server. Is the game down? If I am in the wrong place, please direct me to the right forum. Game accounts registered, both universal installer and game client installed. I run a Intel Core I7 4700 HQ 2.4 ghz 64 bit, Win 10, 16 gigs ram, Nvidia GTX 765M Thank you!
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