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  1. I do not visit Valkyrie Twins sector yet... I´ll fix it in the future
  2. So, lets go to improvements.... https://www.moddb.com/mods/earth-beyond-emulator-hd-planets-moons/addons/hd-v10
  3. I am ready to upload necesery mix files wiht HD textures to moddb.com. Will the server keep more players? Do I have your consent?
  4. Yes cof corse! I am planing to share it! The game is really good now! I have to do a new mix files, witch will be added to the game and does not affect the added content for future updates. I want to create the modification, which simply adds files to the game. Tell me, if I can, becouse I am worried about the server down. There may be more interest, but I hope it attracts resources in donate system.
  5. Hello to all, I redrawn several textures planets and moons and i am planing continue with that. I draw the other planets and moons as I progress through the game. The fruits of my effords are shown on a video posted on YouTube. Go there and search this: Earth & Beyond emulator HD planets and moons. Video shows my first changes; imortant is first 1 and half minute. The game looks much better with that. Origin textures are 512x512 pixels and less, now has 2048 x 2048 pixels.
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