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  1. That seems to have fixed the issue. The launcher has updated to v2.2.0. However, after uninstalling and reinstalling I am getting another error. I've downloaded the EnB Client Patch but that didn't seem to help.
  2. No matter how many times I click reset updates or check for updates, my launcher remains at v 1.9.9. I just downloaded this game last week and have not been able to play much because the gate crashing bug. I was told launcher v 2.2.0 has some new checkboxes that are supposed to reduce the gate crash but I cannot get the launcher to update to the new one.
  3. I appreciate it. I loved this game 18 years ago and would love to get back into it
  4. just found and started playing this game 3 days ago. Everything is a fresh install, but like i edited in my post above, I'm getting extra problems now. I guess the emulator is just too rough for play. Unfortunate. Thanks for the help anyway.
  5. hmm....tried that but the launcher still says v1.9.9. I'll uninstall and reinstall and see if that works...edit: nope, didn't work. Now I can't even log it. It is stating "Incompatible version of Net7Proxy. Latest version is 2.42" and "server failed to respond to login attempt"
  6. Which version of the launcher does this apply? I have version 1.9.9 and it does not have the options for "disable mouse lock" or "Delete *.th6 Files". I do have Packet Optimization and Prototype Reorder checked, however.
  7. I've looked through quite a few of these post and have yet to see a recommended way to prevent gating issues. Specifically, the server fails to acknowledge a login. I have to Ctl+Alt+Dlt to the task manager and end task every couple of gates. I played this game 18 years ago and would love to get back into it, but I've had gating issues more than a dozen times in just 3 hours. Is there any current fix for this? I h ave Prototype Reorder checked but I cannot check any of the debug boxes or I can't even log in, the log in screen will freeze after typing in my password.
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