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  1. FYI I was stuck on step 6 doing my best to follow the suggestions above...and thanks for all of those details... Killing L21 InfinitiCorp Heavy Hauler at Net 7 Affiliate ACBN in Witberg updated step 6 for me. It's a NW nav point. SE of Othman. There was a second Heavy Hauler but it did not aggro. Both conned red to me. No other mobs aggro'd. Bogeril in the area conned yellow.
  2. Thanks for your quick reply and the mission info and links. It turns out that I must have started this mission some time ago. Maybe dropped it. So long ago that I don't recall. I already had the required mission item "Sequential Paratransgenetic Homologous RNA Kinetosequencer" in my vault. So I went back to Tobias Mats with that item in my inventory and all progressed like it should.
  3. Thank you much for help in advance! On my JE...I picked up mission "Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before" from Tobias Mats on Dahin planet. The first step is to talk with Dr. B'nzen H'neydoo at Ishuan Station. There is only one conversation thread with H'neydoo and it leads to "Done". The mission doesn't advance. Also, there is no option to pickup the requisite mission named "Green Initiative: Why did the chicken cross the road?" which should also be given by H'neydoo. This is for the Extended Wormhole skill. My OL atm is 86 and the Extended Wormhole skill requires OL60. Note: I do not yet have Carpenter or Endriago under the "Create Wormhole" skill. I see no wording saying that all abilities within "Create Wormhole" are required. Is this bugged or do I need to get the Carpenter and Endriago wormhole abilities first before the proper dialog is displayed when talking with Dr. B'nzen H'neydoo? Thank you!
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