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Please do NOT(!) chat here, this topic is for server related messages (crash, restarts etc.) so please post status reports for the live server only.




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Thank you Zackman, for all you do. Gunsmith looks to be new here and the young do not always understand what it means to enjoy a free game. So you enjoy your Christmas,Birthdays and all your family gatherings. I for one can wait to play a game that I love. :D

+ 999,999


I am glad to have what we have today .


I am glad " Gunsmith " is playing what we have today . 


Let me ask you a question Mr / Mrs Gunsmith . Was you involved in ST1 , ST2, ST3 , ST4  ? Was you here on the hourly crashes. was you here when the " Game" was down for days ?  If you was then you will know what Zackman has to do and you should be happy for what he does .  He takes time from his wife his kids to " fix " a crash . unlike some who will " oh a crash , pushes the reset " like ( errr i need to cuss here) EA . .


All the of  " DEV's"  here that work on this " Hobby ",  they take time away from there family there friends in Real Life. Why ? If you don't know the " why " then go back too playing a game that cost you Real Life Cash to play.


When you take trash from many landfills and put that trash together to make an art work its is not perfect but it is beautiful to many .   That is what all of the dev's has done here.


With that said i wish ALL my online friends and family joyful and happy holidays .  ( don't eat to much ) and please if you do drink too much  please do not try to drive home .


ps.. to the fourms dev please move this if i posted in the wrong area

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i will not restart the server yet. Im trying to debug the login server and what is causing the problem.

I can see something already, but it looks very weird...


Im stopping the server from time to time setting breakpoints, so dont wonder...

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All the hate and I never said anyone was not doing their job or not doing a good job .... just that the responsiblity needs to be spread out more BECAUSE no one person can do it all ...... I know ALOT about working for free on game development since I forget alot of times people do not know me.



I have Alpha and Beta tested:



(now Project Visitor) that was a MMOG developed in the 1990's which had the plug pulled by SEGA because they though there was no future in online gaming, that consoles were the money makers ( bet they kicking themselves now).



I was also a polaris volunteer which was basically a GM and bug checker all for free (well we did get free accounts)




Star Trek online


System Shock (still think it was leaps and bounds better than Doom was)


System Shock 2 (wish they would solve the legal rights issue to have a real System Shock 3 instead of Bio Shock)



Beta Tested:


Duke Nukem (original one)


War Craft


Star Craft


Earth and Beyond


Mass Effect


Fallen Earth ( a very interesting MMOG sort of like Fallout but with horses and vehicles to move around)


Mass Effect 2



plus I am sure a few others from the late 80's early 90's I have forgotten. So you can see I have put ALOT of free hours into games to help improve them for the people who will later on play them.



My comment was only meant to say "Hey you need more people to help out and maybe have some sort of schedule so that people volunteer 2 hours here, 1 hour there so that no one get burned out on their "Hobby" and can have fun too".



Sorry so many of you took offense to my comments but that is NOT my intention.







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mmmm   Home from work, went to log in server indicator says server is down,   net 7 portal page says server down,  the launcher says server is down,  looks like i may have to help wife in kitchen with her project.



yikes,  the shakes are starting again,,, I needs my ENB

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