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  1. Walkthru Lyle McDonald Mission

    I started this mission on my JE @ +2800 Faction. My TS cannot start it @ +1008 faction. I am checking it every 500 faction gained to get a better idea of the minimum.
  2. Walkthru Lyle McDonald Mission

    Just adding this to help further with gathering and preparation, also some tips that will help people avoid mistakes I made along the way:   TIP 1: Be Careful what you do with your Basic Tool Repair Books you can get 2 in the course of the missions but you will have to camp 3 more and since they are Unique you can't just camp them until you have all of them. Also they are not tradeable so you need to loot them on your Prospector.   TIP 2: Max your Build Devices before you start ripping books, to prevent loss of components!   TIP 3: DO NOT keep all of these items in your inventory while you build the steps, it gets very confusing with the huge list of crap, coupled with a little lag you could lose things accidentally. Give them to your builder or keep them in your vault and only pull out the pieces you need for each build.   TIP 4: Get all of the items you can in advance, it will save you HOURS of travel time.   TIP 5: Talk to Lyle between EACH build to avoid missing a step of a mission that may reward you or advance the mission.   REWARD Tip: Get the Chili Popper, the White Lightning does NOT stack over the normal stuff you have on a JE/TS/PS already for speed. The Chili Popper Debuffs DO stack on other debuffs, so you become a very useful raid component. The Loony's Hunk O'Metal on the other hand does stack and provides an additional 210 warp, you will get this item about 1/2 way through as well as another item that may prove useful later on. Optional: If you don't have a builder that can rip components for you, you could prospect all of these items, but I'd recommend having a builder to help you.   Optional: The first book you get, Analyze it all the way down on your JE/PS/TS. Second book (from Junior Malik in Homestead) Rip the Lil' Bang Stick to get the Gnawed Bone. Though in theory you can find these bones in hulks, I hunted for hours and it was faster to just camp the mob for another book. SHOPPING LIST: 4xObsidian Dust L3 (Ripped From Turbo2 Wiring Rig L3) 6xBlack Silicon L7 (Ripped From Nebula Smart 1 LS Processor L7) 4xSilicon L1 (Ripped From Electro AI InfoROM v2.0 L1) 3xDry Ice L2 (Ripped From Vortex Silicon Rectifier L2) 9xTungsten L3 (Ripped From Electro Force 25K L3) 20xPlatinum L6 (Ripped From Electro AI InfoROM v5.0 L6) 10xCarbon Dioxide L2 (Ripped From Vortex Silicon Rectifier L2) 2xTar L1 (Ripped From Vortex Plastic Shell Casing L1) 1xMitey Bore 'N Saw Junior L3 (Ripped From Basic Tool Repair L3) 5xLil' Bang Stick L3 (Ripped From Basic Tool Repair L3) 1xGnawed Bone L5 (Ripped From Lil' Bang Stick L3) 2xEmpty Gas Tank L3 (Purchased @ Margesi Station) 4xCrucible L2 (Purchase @ Homestead) 2xLiquid Heat L3 (Purchase @ Homestead) 1xTorch Head L3 (Purchase @ Homestead) 2xFrit L7 (Purchase @ Homestead) 4xRaw Flawless Ruby L6 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is Frontier Bouy nav in Shepard) 2xHunk of Blubber L6 (Prospected, Unrefined L6 Hulks in DT) 4xLight Crude Oil L3 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is Upper Saturn 1 Nav in ABB) 3xOxygen L1 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is JE Starter Sector IO) 4xMethane L2 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is JE Starter Sector IO) 5xHydrogen L1 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is JE Starter Sector IO) 45xSand L1 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is Tazeron nav in Kitara's Veil) 30xQuartz Crystals L2 (Prospected, Unrefined Best Location is NAv Infinity Beltway 2 and 4 in ABA)
  3. new player

    When I came back to EnB last year, I started a JE... I have always loved the class... It is about focus of what you want to do...   JE: Solo/Group Prospect It reigns supreme... Mobility, fast speeds, Wormhole relative ease to get into pirate sectors. Well developed class, popular... Even if you play JD as your main, build a JE too it is worth the time.   JD: Stealth-Strike, assassin like play style... Sneak up behind your target and melt it with Plasma. Great solo play, good in groups (especially Jenquai only groups).. Lots of fun when you bounce around solo a lot...   JS: Nearly 50/50 between JE and JD for combat, good for trade and exploration. Worth exploring if you like building and beam combat.   PW: Tank... With a little skill they are effective at solo play, but more at home in a group. Ammo is a draw back at higher levels, these guys burn lots of ammo. Fun in raids and group settings.   PS/PP Are combat variants of Explorer and trader classes. PS has "Call Forward" and I found them very fun to play.   TT:  Builder/Healer Good for building stuff, obviously, but are high demand in groups as healers..   TE: Long range combat, so-so in solo play, and so-so in group combat. Hacking/Bio Repression skills very useful in raids and group combat at higher levels.   TS: If you feel the need for speed.... This is the hot-rod you are looking for.
  4. Combat Cloak bugged once again

    From my tests it isn't THAT bad... It was a slight reduction, but it is still incredibly high if everything works the way it should...
  5. Tengu....1969 edition...

    haha, that is awesome..
  6. Über Mobs - and Solo Combat

    Combat cloak is not about DPS... Combat cloak is about damage avoidance... Simple as that...
  7. Balance Fever

    They changed the damage calculation somewhat.. it resulted in some damage calcuation, then they changed it again such that it increased some but not back to the original levels.
  8. Defender and projectiles

    Waste of time once you are able to use L9 beams...   Most of the bonuses and strengths for JD are beam oriented.. using projectiles will only bog you down with ammo issues and lack of cloak to fight.
  9. Balance Fever

    That is so far away at this point, ideas are great but things are reaching a point where substance is needed...
  10. Balance Fever

    Recent events indicate to me that we've come up against a case of "Balance Fever".  The Devs have seen fit to re-calculate damage and buff effects in a series of updates in recent months that all indicate to me that there is a desire to "Balance" the content...   Perhaps it is good I've already developed all of my toons and I am now in "Limbo" waiting for content because these balance changes are not going to slow me down..     But I can say from my experience in games I've played in the past... there are three reasons I have left games and never come back...   1. Dead player base... 2. Balanced into oblivion... Causing #1 3. PvP Swarming... Causing #1 4. Time and energy available to play 5. Cost v.s. gain 6. Lack of content... Causing #1   My recommendation to the Dev team...   Making sweeping, seemingly random, changes to decrease player avatar performance is like cancer... you tweak one to fix it, then you have to tweak another and another until all of the classes are running around with nerf bats and unable to solo at all..     The ideal that it will drive players to group up and play is a fantasy that will only result in more and more multiboxing and lower player base....   I play solo 99% of the time... I can't login 6 toons and fly a self-supporting group, so you will very quickly cause my ability to play to evaporate...   You should be looking for ways to make all classes viable in solo conditions, not the other way around...
  11. Über Mobs - and Solo Combat

    If you say that a CL55 is "Group" content, and CL58 should be next to impossible to kill for a Solo JD (Gene Hunters in Paramis) then you are essentially saying that my JE... The lowest damage output player class.... Should not be able to kill them at all...   Even with the recent change they aren't hard... CL 55 Ten-Gu, which I also tested, along with Desash in Cooper with both my JE and JD last night ... You need to remove Cloaking entirely from the Jenquai skill set... The only difference damage decreases will create is more shots to the kill... My JE can kill Modi's Heart, solo... CL 66... I have killed Pax in Tarsis, solo, with my JE as well... It takes forever, but I can do it..     Cloak is the factor that shifts this balance, not damage....
  12. Player Advocate Section

    Point of discussion for the next meeting:   Before there are any more down-tweaks to class performance areas, many see them as "Nerfs", we should emphasize to the Devs that content output would offset the negative backlash of such things significantly....   If the only thing the players seem to be getting is downgraded performance and nothing else, it will significantly reduce player morale, effecting population etc, etc etc...
  13. Badger's Claw

    Since TS can use the Minor AND the Sculptor devices, AND both are superior to the Badger's Claw in various ways.... WHY?   And at L8 everyone gets a Golden Tooth and it is all happy and good after that... so... why even bother with Badger's Claw since every TT has all of the Sculptors printed... !?
  14. Über Mobs - and Solo Combat

    Now what I do find annoying out of all of this....   Reduce Jenquai damage a few months ago... Cause Chimaera to "fail" 75% of the time on the things I kill normally... Reduce Jenquai damage again yesterday...   It is getting old.. Just sayin..
  15. Über Mobs - and Solo Combat

    just logged in and did some testing... seems to be about a 15 to 20% reduction in damage... is it noticeable? yes... is it crippling?  not even close... just gotta hit the reactor recharge a little more often...   meh...