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  1. wonder what happened. seems like a major boom.
  2.   no its not.... no idea why its taking so long. only the devs can answer that one
  3. seems to be atm. no one can log into game atm cannot connect to sector login.   i believe thats the "the server needs to be restarted" error that happens every now and again.
  4. looks like my problem has been solved. i replaced my VDSL Modem / Router and everything seems to be working as it should be.   just spent the last 2 - 3 hours in cooper and was able to WH out without any problems. where as prior it would effectively disconnect. also, looking at the connection stats for my old modem it said that there were over 21k outgoing transmission errors. which is never a good sign.   i have a Zyxel VDSL modem now and it seems to have become very stable. long may it continue.
  5. aha! good ole' zackman on the case. will take a break and check later.
  6. proxy said it was offline, then it said it was... still cannot connect.
  7. the login servers are stuffed again. I can authenticate, but I cannot log into a sector. and others are experiencing / complaining (about) the same issue.   might be time for another server restart....
  8. it might not just be "going to public raids" uni. but if the raiding guilds are helping out, then those people need to follow the rules of their own guilds, and not roll on loot. if this is being broken, then there will always be a problem. of course, i was not able to do any of the controller raids this week due to the times they were hosted, so im not saying this is definitely happening. im just saying its a possibility.
  9. 3.... is it meant to drop at the same rate as the PL and ML?
  10. i know several people that are after this, and ive done over 15 FB's, and ive never seen it drop. which begs the question, has it ever dropped?   checking the beam in the database i see the comment "this item does not drop". but im not sure what that actually means in the grand scheme of things. is it possible to check that its tagged to drop the correct amount of times?   seems implausible that its not dropped thus far.
  11. ok now it seems to be working.... no idea wtf was going on there. it just seemed to "sort itself out"... O_o
  12. i have 2 toons in antares and 2 in arx spartoi. every time i try to enter the game after selecting which toon to login with, the client snap terminates.   i was online with all of them 7 hours ago, when i logged off and went to bed. so nothing within windows has changed (and yes, no windows updates were installed).   this is both frustrating and confusing. and as i cannot see/find any log activity with enb or the windows event viewer, i have NFI whats going on.   is someone able to check out whats happening at the server end to help find the cause please?
  13. is anyone able to list the drops from the controller raid please? it'll give us an idea of what we're dealing with as a start.     and to answer GHB, i dont see it working any different. only problem with the non-trade is, your guy needs to be able to access RD space. otherwise i dont see it working any differently than it did today (though the usable restriction might have to be wavered).
  14. we just completed another GoBB Raid, and it went very well.   i orgnaised the groups, and the rolls afterwards, and this is how i ran the lotto: Anyone can bid for an item, as long as they, or the intended alt, can equip that item immediately. and if no one wants the item, then its openen for Free For All.   this was to remove the situation where someone can win an item for an alt that cannot use it yet. yes, its not perfect, but it still managed to achieve the desired result.  1 thing that came up was for FFA items. and while no one really cared, 1 guy got 2 FFA items. an idea for this was, keep all FFA items until last, and EVERYONE rolls. and going from the highest, to the lowest, in order, they get to choose an item from within the FFA list. i think this idea has merits, and i intend to trial this when im able to.
  15. thanks for that alura. this is something that I was about to post myself, as it seems closest to the fairest way to distribute loot from raids. silly thing is, these rules, for the most part, apply to every other raid in the game atm. except GoBB.     problem is, is that the majority of the loot from GoBB is tradable. which seems to have opened up a whole new can of worms (and rules) for some reason. ive always liked raid loot being divided via those that attend first, and alts 2nd (as you suggested), as it means that eventually, you will get your item. everyone wants the PL, but cant bring a Progen, yet i'll bet any money that if they dont win the PL, and the ML drops as well, they're rolling on that too. now to any progens there that misses out, this is NOT fair. plain and simple.   I'd also suggest that letting people roll their own fate. in yesterdays case, 9 people wanted PL, so the roll was /random 1 9, where the number you got was the order in which you expressed your interest. i.e. I was first, therefore I an number 1, death was second, therefore she is number 2, etc. let people roll their own fate. /random 1 100, highest number wins, ties rerolled.   so to summarize:  - loot goes to classes / races that can equip at the raid first - if said items class / race does not need or want to bid, then its opened up to everyone (a free-roll as alurra suggests) second. - when bidding for items, place and X to express your interest in said item, in the private channel - when rolling for items, each bidder runs the following command: /random 1 100 3 - this generates a random number between 1 and 100, and places the result within the private channel - only rolls that are displayed within the private channel will be considered valid - dedicated looters. this is an interesting one, as usually someone raiding brings an ALT along so they can lvl up TLs. if this is the case, then this is their reward (free leveling) IMO. - the big 3. another interesting one. i for 1 feel that members of those raiding guilds should be abiding by the rules laid out by their leaders, as it promotes both respect from those guilds to the public trying to get some raiding in, but also respect for the raiding guilds, as they know that these encounters are hard, and sometimes, when their assistance is required, they arent essentially "double dipping" for loot. alurra has mentioned STATICs rules, so it would be nice if the other 2 can also provide some insight into their rules for public raiding.    raid makeups are such to be able to complete the raid, otherwise it never gets completed. people need to understand this. some people have to bring TT's, some have to bring JD's. everyone wants to bring a PW. if someone decides not to turn up as a result, not the raids problem, as its no place for someones ego to get in the way.   we're all following the same set of rules. for ALL raids. this is done so that those not in a dedicated raid guild have a chance and the uber raid loot. so just because the item is tradable, doesnt mean that it should be treated differently.     fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how loot is going to be distributed, there are always going to be disputes, especially in public raids. and applying rules for such things is much easier in the control guild environment. i personally feel this is as close to fair as its gunna get to a fair and equitable situation.   anyway, this is a base to start with. lets hope that some sanity can come of it all and the public raids can be completed in a sane and reasonable manner, that everyones happy with.
  16. the whole idea that tradable loot is open to everyone, irrespective of class, goes completely against "fair play" that has been mentioned, when there are classes/races that were AT THE RAID AND FIGHTING that can equip and use it straight away. that in itself is a broken philosophy.   what that means, if I was spiteful enough, I can role on the ML and the beam that GoBB drops, and just vendor it for the sake of it. cause there's no difference to that, and trying to trade it on market channel, or to another player for an item they actually want (which is shit in itself - GG that BI member). so irrespective of where it goes, ANYONE that CANNOT equip the item in question straight away, SHOULD BE VOID FROM BEING ABLE TO ROLL!!!   and NEVER assume that other people are going to apply fair play rules, cause people will ALWAYS do what best suits them.   having 9 people roll for an item that only 3 could have equipped there and then, is only going to open things up for this sort of garbage. never apply conflicting rules to tradable and non-tradable loot. they should all be governed by the same rules. plain and simple. it avoids all this bullshit.   so, if this is how the rules are going to stay, then don't bother asking me to another GoBB raid. because its simply unacceptable.
  17. why is "tradable" loot being treated differently in a raid than non-trade loot?
  18. i was wondering on why I was not able to log in, then the server goes down. hoping its better when it restarts.
  19. so I take it net-7 doesn't want to give out the port range EnB uses then...
  20. I cannot change the setting within the router you mentioned earlier. itsd only configurable via a wizard, and that's not one of the settings. but I can set up some ports which will hopefully work. it seems to have a "game configuration" area. do you have a range of ports I can enter into the router?   if this doesn't work, i'll call my teleco and ask if I can set this value, and if that fails, my only 2 options are 1) stick with the current situation, and 2) buy a new VDSL router where I can set this value.
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