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  1. Hi,   It is crashing after I've selected the character to go into the game.   So first I see my 5 toons and I select the one I want. When I am on the screen with the one toon I want to use press Enter:>> it crashes to desktop. . Thanks for the other ideas, I will look into them...   :huh: Never mind, it just worked!!!!!   The only difference between yesterday and today is that I turned off my DSL router.  I am guessing the wireless connection was messing me up somehow.
  2. Thanks, but that's not it.  I am not using Windows Firewall, I am using Norton and this network is marked as trusted.
  3. Hi folks,   Has anyone else run into this situation?   I switched my laptop from DSL to Cable and now when I select a character the client crashes.  I moved back to DSL and it works fine.  I have another laptop that works fine with DSL or Cable.   Thoughts?   Thanks and regards,  
  4. Speaking on behalf of BI Leadership, the Raid Rotation Treaty is still in effect.
  5. Thanks for moving us Zackman!    I knew you asked us to move but I did not know how to do that myself.   karu I sent you an e-mail to take a bit of this offline.
  6. Okay, sorry for crashing this thread.  That resolved it though...just had to use "https" to get logged in.   Strange.
  7. I'm going to try a reboot.  Perhaps something in my cache is messed up.
  8. I am having a problem logging into www.net-7.org.  Is anyone else seeing this?  I know I have the correct password because I can log into these forums.
  9. Hey Syberfly,   A JE's environmental shield does protect from gravity shear.
  10. Keith


    Redd,   Based on my experience the current window for the Warder (unless changed recently by the devs) spans 29 hours.   Happy camping :D
  11. QAR = Queen Anne's Revenge The Red Dragon station in Blackbeards Wake sector, Smuggler's Run System.
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