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  1. Don't worry, Fishies inbound. Give me a few weeks.
  2. Welcome and stay back, get on in to Builders Inc still servicing the server with world class builders, crew, and raiders, boosters. The best, flying under my decal submission to Magoo I might add so open your arms beyond people.
  3. Yes the original Building, Blasting and raid leading FishJD (BI OFFICERS) am coming back... And all y'all best be ready for some Ardus action and talk of FoE and CVE rolling maybe you know we love this server.
  4. Any chance of a screenshot? Is it totally worth it?
  5. FishJD


    Please leave the warder alone. And if you really must change it. Just make it harder to kill. Don't make it easy like everything else is. The whole appeal of the warder is that you have to work seriously hard and camp seriously long to discover the window. Then once you've done that, you have to sit through the hours of mind games and mob pushing that the other players there throw your way. And even after that you still might not get the drop you are hoping for. If you want the goods from the warder, then you have to work for it. The fact that a "certain group" or "certain persons" always get's the kill is purely down to the fact that they are uncontested. If you want it, then show up and fight for it. If you spent half as much time whining about it as you did being pro-active about it then chances are you'd got your loot and lost interest by now.
  6. I love the item mail system, fantastic implementation. I use it ALL the time
  7. Okay well I fixed the problem. It was an error when there is no program/browser associated to handle http links. I remedied this by switching my default browser to IE (eew) and the installer works again. Now to change back to Chrome.. ;)
  8. I've recently been trying to re-install the game and I am experiencing the same issue, as described above. I have never encountered this problem before after installing it countless times, even on windows 8 and 8.1 successfully. I've tried downloading the client installer over and over and I keep getting the same error as above. 
  9. Can't say this comes as a big surprise. Take care though Stanig. Peace be with you!
  10. I love that you share my beam-rage buddy but the battle is lost, and your posts are falling on deaf ears. The nerf hammer was swung, and god saw that it was good :) It's pointless raising issues about the fact the we have a lack of debuffable damage types, or viable damage type options when our base damage is now what is really suffering.   You're going to have to let it go, and start working on that PW.
  11. Well that's all very well and good but my last question is: Why are these changes always cloak and dagger nerfs? Why are they never announced? If you don't care about our opinions on the matter. Then why not announce them so that we at least know what is going on and can adjust accordingly. Rather than we log in to find that our weapons are significantly less powerful, and we start running around with calculators, trying to figure out what on earth(and beyond) happened? I would certainly feel a lot better about these working as intended changes if they were announced properly, or at least mentioned in the "patch" notes. I find it slightly unnerving that you guys fail to mention such drastic amendments in any official format... 
  12. The reason I am mostly bent out of shape is that now my JDs damage output just does not reflect the quality of the gear, the time invested in the character, nor does it reflect an entirely end game setup.    The JD is the only class I truly enjoy playing and since EA live the JD has been the apex predator. The rest of you might not notice a "small" reduction to your damage output, or care for that matter. But as a born and bred JD, my damage output is what I play for. And when your damage output is as high as it can be, a small percentage equates to a rather large and massively noticeable reduction. There's nothing like the excitement of hitting de-cloak and unleashing all hell. But now with my wings clipped I am massively disappointed.   I'm sure I'll just be told to stop whining because my toys are now broken, or that I just need to adapt, or play some other game. But I genuinely feel that this nerf was too great, and has caused more unbalance than the balance issue it was seemingly intended to resolve.
  13. A change to shield sap does not dramatically alter their damage output though. Where as what Jenquai have experienced recently is a huge loss in firepower. The point of combat cloak is to do high burst (alpha) damage. We all know that the PW is more efficient over time, but now you have taken away the jenquais ability to output high alpha.. what is the point in their combat tactic, now jenquai have no tricks up their sleeves, just low power weapons and little to no defence.
  14. Death of the JD... can barely kill at the same pace as my other toons now which have significantly less turbo and bonuses.   What is life......
  15. Did beams receive yet another damage nerf. Because since the combat-cloak bug fix I am noticing less damage (again). Am I just tripping?   Edit: Okay I am not tripping. Many other angry Jenquai.
  16. 25th then it would seem. *extreme sadface*
  17. From what I can gather the game is certainly going to have teething problems. I'm really hoping that they are going to be dedicated to it though. I think they are banking on an exodus of players joining from Skyrim that are basically expecting "Skyrim online". Which in all honest is what I was expecting at first and evidently that is not the case. I hope it is not "free to play" by next year but right now I have a feeling it is going to be. 
  18. I got my Elder Scrolls Online beta stress test invite yesterday via email. My account is now set up and client installed ready for this weekends stress event.  Did any of you guys also receive an invite, or have any of you already taken part in testing? How well do you think this title will do after launch, is it going to be the next World of Warcraft or do you think it's going to suffer a similar fate to most other MMORPG's as of late? Personally I am quite excited by the game and I am hoping that it will bring a fresh perspective to a genre that is heavily set in it's ways, especially the fantasy based titles.   Bethesda have done sterling work with Dishonored, Fallout 3/New Vegas and obviously Skyrim over the years but is anyone else worried that their vision will not translate well to the troll infested waters of the massively multi player scene?  
  19. At this stage in the game I am relishing in the idea of PvP, as it was in live. I think it would breathe new life into the game and would allow us hardcore players to get moist all over again. Being able to lock horns with my fellow guild mates and healthy competitors would be fantastic. But of course it should always be optional, just as it was before. Of course I would prefer the unimplemented pre-existing content first however.
  20. Varens Girdle also has some peculiar pathing from certain nav points.
  21. I've been playing on windows 8 and most recently windows 8.1 with no problems what so ever. Just in case anyone was dubious about using these operating systems. Now if only I could get it to work on Ubuntu linux... :(
  22. Happy new year guys. Much love to all the guys at Damage Inc  :wub:
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