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Unable To Connect To Global Server

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18:50:50: Found 1 servers in (sunrise.net-7.org)
18:50:50: Trying server: (sunrise.net-7.org)
18:50:51: Could not send HTTP request.
Last Error : 12029
Description : Error Description Not Found
18:50:51: GetTicketSync(1) failed with IAUTHORIZE_BAD_CONNECTION.
User : Tazduro
Password Context : NOT NULL, NOT ZERO LENGTH
ServiceID : 2184
Auth Login Base Service : AuthLogin
Auth Login Server : sunrise.net-7.org
Code : INV-300
Text : EA.com is temporarily unavailable. This may be due to routine server maintenance or a problem with your Internet Service Provider. Please check your ISP connection or try again later. (INV-300) Edited by Tazduro
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This same issue or at least a similar one has afflicted the global login server from time to time and has quite a long record of misbehavior. Sometimes it seems stable but this reoccurence suggests again that an issue has always lurked unresolved. Best of luck with figuring out the issue.
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13 minutes ago, jalla-viking said:

Hi i have the same problem today for many hours. I played yesterday and everything worked fine. But now i get the same message on the login screen ingame


Hi Jalla, same for me as well.

Maybe the server's containment protocols have failed and it's being attacked by the v'rix.

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I am getting the message "connection to Global Server failed" too - thought it may be isolated to one computer, but all of my machines are affected.


Should i open a Support Ticket?

Edited by Prakis
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