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  1. Am back after 1.5 years. Fresh Windows 7 64-bit install. Have game installed and working. How do I get out of a windowed screen and also get Full Screen mode. Yes I have run E&Bconfg, ran the performance test, and UNCHECKED the windowed box. I still end up in a windowed box and it only fills 1/4 of my screen. I'm also trying to remember the changes I'm supposed to make to the target info in the launcher shortcut icon. Any help is appreciated.
  2. RenoJD

    Can't log into game

    Thanks for all your help and ideas Cipher. You too Yinder. Guess it's just another XP problem as more and more apps drop support.
  3. RenoJD

    Can't log into game

    WidowsXP SP3. Been playing for years with that and have made no changes to my system or ISP.. I haven't played since May 2017 but it worked fine then. I also tried bypassing my router and eliminated that as a cause.
  4. RenoJD

    Can't log into game

    Checked that IP address is correct in launcher as suggested. It is. Don't know if "Navigation to webpage was cancelled" in the launcher" means anything but it shows how many players are on and I do make it to the log-in screen. Ran debug with launcher if it helps: C:\NET7\bin>cd "C:\NET7\bin" C:\NET7\bin>"C:\NET7\bin\Net7Proxy.exe" /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\PROG RA~1\EAGAME~1\EARTH&~1\release\client.exe" /POPT /DEBUGL /EXREORDER /DML (Yinder referred to a proxy screen. I assume you mean the launcher? There is a Net7Proxy.exe file in the Net7 bin folder but properties shows no IP addresses.)
  5. RenoJD

    Can't log into game

    Yes I am using my game user name, not forum name Logged into Net=7 and checked Avatar Transfer as suggested. Shows all 5 avatars under my game user name as is correct (the on/off button to the left is red if that matters). Also I am not using any special characters in my password. Just all regular small case letters.
  6. RenoJD

    Can't log into game

    Yes Cipher. Just checked that to make sure. Thanks for suggestion.
  7. RenoJD

    Can't log into game

    Password not being accepted by game. Password works with Net-7 and emulator web sites. Tried "forgot password" and used new password to "change password" back to original. Ne error messages there and seemed to go well but password still not being accepted to log into game.
  8. RenoJD

    is there a walk through on Ardus key

    Just saw your question so I posted a guide although you probably did the mission by now
  9. RenoJD

    Ardus Key Guide

    Noticed someone asked for a guide. These are the notes I made at the time I did the mission. Hope it helps. Ardus sector Key – Aquitaine key – LVL 150 may be required T2Z is a V'rix on primus moon former progen base -bring him spiced coffee, sold at norstrand vor green vendor (buy 2) to get him to start talking 1 - Deliver something outside the base x = -0.57 y = -6.87 z = 0 – (nav TH26C1NN4TH3D2) 2 - Go see V'rix oracle in withberg – x = 197 y = 85 z = 0 3 - Find Ester McCabe on net-7 in sol system Saturn - buy artifact 4 - Do the run around for device analysis Eremite Outpost – Altair III x = -246 y = -153 z =- 0 (about 443k W. of Gallena Gate) Key Comps Alpha BBO for aquitaine key - veteran smugglers in adriel prime/proxima approach 2 Yttrium for aquitaine key - level 12 Zenshai Plasma Nappers at nav saiseki in Yokan Ardus Gate – Witburg x = 137 y = -25 z = 0
  10. RenoJD

    Mary Christmas 2015 Guide

    Thanks for the info Hobbs. I updated it to reflect your concerns.
  11. Mary Christmas 2015 Mission – Reward is 3 Skill Points   You will receive a snowball launcher on the Earth portion on this mission. They are labeled unique items. If you already are carrying a snowball launcher from last year you will have to either space it or take it to Menorb/Clobus the Clown to get it modified. You will need the launcher, one Sweet Solar Oil, and one Refined Gold in your cargo hold. A good time to do this is while you’re at Ishuan since it’s close.   No killing is required in this mission   Talk to Mary Christmas at Jupiter/Joves/on the dock to start mission   Step   01/16   EMP for ML-X3 – Mercury/StarClipper Station/vendor Pract Brog   02/16   Turtle Shells – Adriel/vendor Leif Peyre   03/16   Henchmen – Slayton/Roland Holmes Hideout/talk to rock   04/16   Squaking Gulls – Zweihander planet/Jag City/Doctor Sacha Ileiko   05/16   Gold Rings – Carpenter/Orsini Mining Platform/Shou Tzu   06/16   Chicken – Ishuan/Mr. Beeker   07/16   Chicken Nuggets – Glenn/F7/Belulah Lee   08/16   Bits of Chitin – Aragoth Prime/Chernevog/Harvey Krum   09/16   Cows – 61 Cygni/Kinshasha-Mbali/vendor Nduka Diya   10/16   Ladies Dancing – Glenn/F7/vendor Anveryn O’connell   11/16   Beers – Ragnarok/Traders Fort/Tarnish McHollis   12/16   Pipers Piping – Earth/Earth Station/MacKellan   13/16   Drums – Mars/Drusus Cauponius   14/16   Talk to Mary Christmas at Joves. Get Milk and Cookies   15/16 and 16/16 are completed while talking to Mary   Take Milk and Cookies to Santa in Jupiter/Path the Third area Talk to Santa twice and get present. Leave immediately. Last year he would kill you if you stuck around. Take present to Saturn/Net-7 and Santas Little Helper will open it and give you 3 Skill Points   That’s it. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  12. RenoJD

    Walkthru Lyle McDonald Mission

    Thanks Daath. Great tips.   Holyman, I don't recall the faction requirements but the way I earned Bogeril faction was by turning in stuff to Leroy Junkbins in Witberg near  the Negotiation Vessel.   For those who don't know, He takes:   - Debri - Level 2 Wreckage Slag - Level 6 Scrap Metal - Landing Struts - Unused Escape Pods - Leaky Power Cells   These items are found in Hulks.   As a side note,  tons of Repair Manuals should be easy to get. People leave them floating at the Danger Greentooth nav when they kill Ableson.
  13. RenoJD

    Unable To Log In After Update

    Same problem. Never makes it to log-in screen after hitting 'I Agree' on EULA. WindowsXP SP3.
  14. Your choices for resource locations may differ from mine but this should help. Also, you should have no problem getting all the Repair Manuals you'll need. People leave them floating by the Greentooth nav. I was just there and counted 7. Lyle's mission is L-o-n-g but you end up with 3 pretty awesome devices: Loony's Hunk O'Metal, Loony's Special Gizmoblastit, and the last device you get to choose from 3.   Lyle McDonald Explorer Only Mission at Der Todesengel (updated 9/29/15)   Refine L1 Silicon Carbide 100 Grit   1 - L1 Hydrogen                      – rip L1 Ultra Boost/Joves 2 – L2 Carbon Dioxide             – lvl 2/3 gas clouds/Jupiter 2 – L1 Silicon                           – sand/Tazeron/KV - Talk to Lyle and receive L3 Basic Tool Repair Kit Book. Talk to him again to keep the mission going. -   Refine 1 Silicated Crucible   Refine 3 Silica   9 – L1 Sand                             - Tazeron Nav/KV 6 – L2 Quartz Crystal               – L2/3 Hydrocarbon/Infinity Beltway 2/ABA   Refine Silicated Crucible   3 – Silica 1 – Crucible                             – L2 Vendor Malick/DT - Talk to Lyle -   Refine Sunshine in a Bottle   3 – L3 Tungsten                       – rip L3 Electro Force 25K/Paren/Paren/Joves 2 – L2 Carbon Dioxide 1 – L1 Hydrogen - Talk to Lyle -   Refine Dop Glop   2 – L6 Hunks of Blubber          – L6 Hulks along main nav path 2 – L1 Tar                                – rip from L1 Vortex Plastic Shell Casing/Joves 1 – L3 Light Crude Oil             – L3 Hydrocarbon/Upper Saturn1/ABB    L3 Mitey Bore ’N Saw Junior   Analyze Basic Tool Repair Kit Book for print Get replacement Basic Tool Repair Kit Book from vendor Junior Malik in Bazaar and rip Mitey Bore ‘N Saw - Talk to Lyle -   Refine Cobbed Flawless Ruby   1 – Lil’ Bang Stick – get another book from Junior Malik and rip 4 – L6 Raw Flawless Ruby – L6 Xtal Asteroid/Frontier Buoy/Shepard - Talk to Lyle -   Unpolished Faceted Flawless Ruby on a Stick   Dop Glop                      – You have L5 Gnawed Bone          – rip from Lil ‘ Bang Stick (loot another repair book to rip from lvl56 Ableson/Greentooth>>>Danger Nav in DT/spawn time maybe 1 hour Bore ‘N Saw                  – You have Cobbed Flawless Ruby - You have   Molded Platinum Wire   Silicated Crucible          – You have 4 – L6 Platinum            – 20 Platinum Ores/L6/7 Asteroids/Frontier Field Beta/Particle Ring 3/Shepard - Talk to Lyle. Receive Loony's Hunk O'Metal -   Unpolished Faceted Flawless Ruby   3 – Dry Ice – refine from 15 Carbon Dioxide 1 – L3 Light Crude Oil 1 – Unpolished Faceted Ruby – you have   Small Platinum Sheet   1 - Lil’ Bang Stick – yep, loot and rip another Repair Book 4 – Molded Platinum Wire – you have 1 so make 3 more 3 – Silicated Crucible 12 – Platinum – refine 60 Platinum Ores - Talk to Lyle -   Rough Polished Faceted Flawless Ruby   1 – Unpolished Faceted Flawless Ruby             – you have 2 – L1 Silicon Carbide 100 Grit                        – you have 1 – make another 1 – L3 Light Crude Oil 1 – L7 Frit                                                        – DT Vendor Kincaid - Talk to Lyle -   Unpolished Band   1 – Small Platinum Sheet         – you have 1 – Molded Platinum Wire        – make 1 – Lil’ Bang Stick                    – Yep - rip another Repair Manual 1 – L3 Oxy/Acetylene Tank - 1- L3 Torch Head                  – DT Vendor Malik – 1 -L1 Oxygen                       – rip from L1 Turbo 2 Oxy Pulse/Joves – 2 - L3 Acetylene – 2 – L3 Empty Gas Tank        – Margesi Station – 2 – L3 Liquid Heat                – DT Vendor Malik - 2 – L1 Oxygen – 4 – L2 Methane                     – L2/3 Gas Fields/Jupiter - Talk to McDonald and receive L8 Loony’s Special Gizmoblastit Device -   Fashionin’ a Ring   2 – L8 Fine Polish 4 – L3 Obsidian Dust – rip L3 Turbo2 Wiring Rig/Paren/Joves 6 - L7 Black Silicon L7 Stygian Blacksand – L7 Hydrocarbon/Shepard/Lucre Resource Field/Frontier Field Alpha   Fine Polished Faceted Flawless Ruby 1 – Rough Polished Faceted Flawless Ruby      – you have 2 – Jars o’ Fine Polish 1 – Light Crude Oil 1 – Frit   Polished Band 3 – Sunshine in A Bottle            – you have 1 – make 2 more   Combine Ruby and Band into Flawless Ruby and Platinum Ring and give to McDonald   Choose from 3 rewards   L9 Chili-Popper Weaken enemy -15 energy/impact/plasma – activated   L9 Tail Tucker Instant transport to Grand Ole Homestead in DT   L9 White Lightnin’ Increase speed +170 (equip) Turbo Warp +901 (equip) Turbo Warp +750/1940 seconds (activated) Reduce warp cost 96% (equip) Warp Charge - engage/cool down time -50% (equip)
  15. RenoJD

    Worthless Credits

    Remove credits from circulation.   Maybe a monthly dev-run lottery. This months prize - Glare of Devastation:   - Entry price - oh say 50 million - 1 ticket per user (not per toon or per account) - Prize goes to winners toon of choice   (Actually this would burden the devs but I lived in Reno for a few years once and it slanted my thinking - lol)