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  1. Sorry to hear but don't worry. You never hear about the tens of MILLIONS of people who shake it off. A very old woman near me had it and shook it off in a few weeks. Good luck.
  2. This all has to do with social distancing.
  3. Sources I checked say it's found in Nif cloud, Earth, Endriago, and Inverness is that helps.
  4. Yes Cipher that was it. Sorry for the short-term memory. Thanks all for setting me straight on all this. Everything working great now. Now to relearn the game. Luckily I kept many notes and charts on all my avatars.
  5. Thanks Kyp - but I seem to remember something else. This is the launcher shortcut icon on the desktop. Right now it's "C:\Program Files (x86)\Net-7\bin\LaunchNet7.exe". Maybe I'm confused and thinking of another game or something but I just seem to remember people changing or adding to it for some reason.
  6. YES Karu! You were 100% correct. When I ran EBconfig as admin, I saw that my original settings had not been not held. They are ok now and everything works. Thank you so much. Now if anyone knows the info for the target box in the launcher icon? I don't remember it or even what it does.
  7. Am back after 1.5 years. Fresh Windows 7 64-bit install. Have game installed and working. How do I get out of a windowed screen and also get Full Screen mode. Yes I have run E&Bconfg, ran the performance test, and UNCHECKED the windowed box and set the resolution to match my monitor (1680x1050). I still end up in a windowed box and it only fills 1/4 of my screen. I'm also trying to remember the changes I'm supposed to make to the target info in the launcher shortcut icon. Any help is appreciated. Oh yeah I also tried WindowsXP and Windows 7 compatibility mode with no luck,
  8. Thanks for all your help and ideas Cipher. You too Yinder. Guess it's just another XP problem as more and more apps drop support.
  9. WidowsXP SP3. Been playing for years with that and have made no changes to my system or ISP.. I haven't played since May 2017 but it worked fine then. I also tried bypassing my router and eliminated that as a cause.
  10. Checked that IP address is correct in launcher as suggested. It is. Don't know if "Navigation to webpage was cancelled" in the launcher" means anything but it shows how many players are on and I do make it to the log-in screen. Ran debug with launcher if it helps: C:\NET7\bin>cd "C:\NET7\bin" C:\NET7\bin>"C:\NET7\bin\Net7Proxy.exe" /ADDRESS: /CLIENT:"C:\PROG RA~1\EAGAME~1\EARTH&~1\release\client.exe" /POPT /DEBUGL /EXREORDER /DML (Yinder referred to a proxy screen. I assume you mean the launcher? There is a Net7Proxy.exe file in the Net7 bin folder but properties shows no IP addresses.)
  11. Yes I am using my game user name, not forum name Logged into Net=7 and checked Avatar Transfer as suggested. Shows all 5 avatars under my game user name as is correct (the on/off button to the left is red if that matters). Also I am not using any special characters in my password. Just all regular small case letters.
  12. Yes Cipher. Just checked that to make sure. Thanks for suggestion.
  13. Password not being accepted by game. Password works with Net-7 and emulator web sites. Tried "forgot password" and used new password to "change password" back to original. Ne error messages there and seemed to go well but password still not being accepted to log into game.
  14. Just saw your question so I posted a guide although you probably did the mission by now
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