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  1. I ca't even connect to the N7 website. Gives me a 404.
  2. Still says the server is starting for me.... Anyone else?
  3. Nirvana. Not the band, the idea. This is our perfect world.
  4. Same here. I just got to lvl 5 too....
  5. I'm unable to connect at all now. =/ I can see the server is online through the N7 loader, but I can't connect.
  6. I spoke with Pakkrat earlier about wanting to become a Net-7 Reporter like I was on Live. Just wondering if there will be any slots open in the near future, or if there's some way I can assist the current reporters (i.e.- They're the main anchors, and I'd be a field correspondent). I mostly play Jenquai, so I could take on the Jenquai news if need be. Regardless, I will continue to enjoy the amazing game we all know, and love, in it's new Live glory. =]
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