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  1. <17:46:19> Disconnected from server (server version is too old for command)
  2. I was trying to login and as I often do I accidentally click the delete button usually I catch this and click no but last night in a rush and I was tired I clicked yes and accidentally deleted a character I did not want deleted. I made a ticket in game the GM told me it was beyond their power to restore and most likely the character was lost and told me that I should contact the server Dev and maybe they might be able to restore the character. I'm hoping server Dev can help me out with this problem thank you for your service.
  3. Geffin


    I would have never though a ui would be tied to a client so much it could not be modified without modifying the client. not that i know anything about how programing works on any lv. Thought it would be something simple, most other games ui skins are easily modified or replaced.
  4. Geffin


    was wondering if a costomizable UI is possible. I would love to move the boxes around and such. I personally have a issue with the loot box appearing directly over the group controls so when im looting i am constantly clicking the leave/disband button or the formation button after the last item is pulled. if i could just move the group control box up a half inch i would be extra happy. Super happy if i could move all the boxes around where ever i wanted them.
  5. yep same here too though i see 55 peeps on so it dosntseem like the login server is down
  6. tried to use this tool but i cannot find a file named avatarX.dat anywhere on my pc i made the char and even made a poster but thats all i got and it dont show up ingame.
  7. I have tried and i repeat I have tried EVERY SINGLE resolution all shapes and sizes. I run at 1360x760 no button showed. It was not the resolution for me I fixed it by useing the make your text larger or smaller option and made it smaller and the button showed up. p.s. this is on Windows 7
  8. looks exactly as image in first post
  9. This is the first time ive installed the net 7 launcher and first time trying to play E&B and im haveing the same no play button issue.I have tried every resolution option offered in both landscape and portrat and none show a play button. ive tried running all kinds of compatibility options still no play button. Donno what ealse i can do :/
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