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  1. Server is running fine today - at what point does the execution fail? Pasted a screengrab of my launcher window (with IP scrubbed), if this helps:
  2. Thanks for the update Woody ☺️
  3. Thanks for confirming 👍 <Paranoia Mode Disengaged>
  4. Server down? or is it just me?
  5. I am getting the message "connection to Global Server failed" too - thought it may be isolated to one computer, but all of my machines are affected. Should i open a Support Ticket?
  6. Reboot of the Server fixed it the other day - fingers crossed another reboot will do the trick.
  7. Everyone is getting the INV-300 message - there is another thread for this already
  8. Hey Woody - yeah I know about the Tuesday reboot, but they are normally scheduled earlier in the day (~GMT 11am ish if memory serves), but his reboot seemed at an abnormal time hence my post to let everyone know. Thanks for your reply mate
  9. I take it back - server is up now
  10. Gonna be a long one I feel
  11. Server appears to be down - is this scheduled work?
  12. Would the certificate issue also be affecting password reset mails? got a guildie asking why their reset is taking so long to arrive.
  13. Thanks for the updates Kyp - much appreciated
  14. Worked for me - thx Janwarrior
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