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  1. Please can maps use the A-Z acount wide setting when providing a list of avatar names.   Setting is portal -> Account -> Master Account Settings -> A-Z Avatar List (either on or off).   Map is portal -> Main -> Avatar (drop down box of avatar names).   Thanks!   :thumbsup:
  2.   Have you verified that with a dev e.g. Evermore or Riia? I had a hint there was a CL21 in Xipe Totec that was dropping it.
  3. Yes that wininet error message is directly related.   wine/dlls/netconnection.c function netconn_secure_verify()          if (!endCert) ret = FALSE;         if (ret)         {             /* Begin HACK */             DWORD_PTR err;             {                 if (getenv("WINEHACKENB"))                 {                   TRACE("HACKENB: stage %d: security flags = 0x%x\n", 1, conn->security_flags);                   conn->security_flags |= SECURITY_FLAG_IGNORE_UNKNOWN_CA | SECURITY_FLAG_IGNORE_CERT_CN_INVALID;                   TRACE("HACKENB: stage %d: security flags = 0x%x\n", 2, conn->security_flags);                 }             }             err = netconn_verify_cert(conn, endCert, store);             /* End HACK */             if (err)             {                 pSSL_set_ex_data(ssl, error_idx, (void *)err);                 ret = FALSE;             }         }   export WINEHACKENB=1   The modification was detailed a few pages back -- the above version uses an environment variable to switch the modification on and off so wine can be used normally without certificate modification.
  4. Shakz -- wine 1.5 and inv-300 error.   Did you make the modification to netconnection.c in wine and recompile? That cures the INV-300 error.   Edit: Not sure what registry errors you mean but if it is the standard warnings and errors that wine spews out mostly you can ignore all that or &>/dev/null. But if you start the proxy and client and see stuff about sunset you can do the following:   REGEDIT4 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Westwood Studios\Earth and Beyond\Registration] "Registered"=dword:00000001   Save the above as registered.reg and run wine regedit registered.reg (might've noted this before in this thread?)
  5. In live it definitely made a difference having group members in formation have a lazarus fitted. I can still clearly remember situations when it made a difference i.e. zipping around the Tada-O gate in formation with a group doing the raid when it was brand new. It makes sense that the formation can only warp as quickly as the slowest member in the formation can enter warp. May be if members in the formation have navigate skill it ought to add a small bonus to warp charge for members in formation if it does not already.
  6. Wine spews out messages on standard output/error regardless if the ENB installation succeeds or not. That sample you showed looked normal nothing exceptional. Do you have WINEARCH=win32 set? If not, you may need to try that create a new prefix first.
  7. Auto-form under review still?   Good. Kick the group auto-form out because it is a feature the game does not need. Best case or worse case it is exploitable. Six individuals in group all at different IPs and five of those individuals can more or less go AFK while they get toured around the whole galaxy for HOURS. Nevermind the multiboxer who always gets blamed for something as is usually the case.
  8. Which field is it, Mimir? Sector, location.   Certain hulk fields respawn in 30 mins or even 1 hour.   Others are on a random timer based on the field level for example L1-3 field has a timer 8 hours plus or minus 2 hours on each hulk respawn. L4-6 is 16 hours plus or minus 4 hours. And L7-9 is 24 hours plus or minus 6 hours per hulk.   So depending which field it is and guessing from what you've told us, it is not a 30 mins or 1 hour timed field but one of the longer timed hulk fields.
  9. Hey dude calm down, keep posting in your other thread in technical support.   Help will come!   https://forum.enb-emulator.com/index.php?/topic/8203-net-7-wont-open/
  10. Nicely done, I would like to figure out something similar for use on Linux -- my platform of choice for use at home these days. Although, I still keep a tamed copy of Windows-something lurking inside a VM I actually play ENB on Linux. Unfortunately, the old ebnotifier seems to be a bit too quirky to be runnable under wine.
  11. * Looks at Progen alts at the back of the bus getting excited * * Looks over this thread -- "Sit down Progen alt dudes, you're not going anywhere just yet" *   I wonder if the Pakkarat has prepared a Net 7 news flash for a future date for something like "Agrippa content finally finished construction or coding or whatever - its a done deal!". But may be even the Pakkarat cannot see that far into the future.   Ah well 2-3 months will be occupied by me levelling up Terrans and Jenquai.   There are a few foolhardy souls in Static and I am aware of a few in other guilds too, who are braving Agrippa right now. My hat goes off to you. Scouts need HML3, Stage II/II Encryptions and Amplector Omega for their final step in the promotion mission (after getting HU135 awarded) so they too are road-blocked by Agrippa. Sigh. Why did I hibernate my Progens AND THEN PICK TO PLAY the one other profession eventually road-blocked by Agrippa?!?! I thought I was on safe ground but NOOOOO. I forgot. The irony is almost too much.
  12. Mission content for gaining Glenn Comission faction? No idea what to suggest perhaps a series of go out and do this, this, this and that, repeatable every few hours or daily. I think jobbing is the only way to build up GC at the moment? It is not real great for gaining GC or any faction (we will all be in REAL spaceships before getting anywhere near 10K GC faction via jobbing).   (It would be nice perhaps to get some GC faction for taking out organic space critters in GC systems).
  13. I can see the OPs point, it is a struggle to make ends meet in the lowbie levels.   If you buy gear, or worse buy gear try to map it in order to make your own stuff (not meaning ammo) then credits disappear quickly and it seems like you never have enough. But be prudent with expenditure and the credit flow is sufficient. Would like to know more details of what this 50k optional mission was difficult to comment without such detail.   It gets easier with the next character as you can just twink some credits and move onwards.
  14. The Net 7 stuff requires minimum dotNet 2.0 and VC run time 2008. There doesn't appear to be the mouse look disable option on your launcher this indicates that the Net 7 folder has not updated. You could click on Launcher, click reset updates and the launcher will attempt to update files again. If that fails, suggest downloading a new Net-7_Install.exe file. Also since you have installed in to C:\E&B you may need to download and run enb-up.exe. The installer would normally run this program (most of the bloat in Net-7_Installer.exe is due to it including this file) but only does so if E&B is installed in the default path.   You might also have to hack the registry to get rid of some quirks in the client i.e.   1 REGEDIT4   2   3 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Westwood Studios\Earth and Beyond\Registration]   4 "Registered"=dword:00000001 You could save that into a file (without the line numbers) call it registered.reg and run it with regedit. The client may otherwise show some sort of ISRB graphic and a sunset thingy. If you see it you'll know what I mean!
  15. Todays patch was a simple one, a few decals added for guild logos I guess. Not enough to break the logins.   I am guessing the login server has gone and FUBAR'd again.   Login OK Character selection OK Entering game ... MSOD (Map Screen of Death)
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