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  1. I just looked at the router and it is 7 years old and maybe that is the problem I will run a few diagnostics on it to see if I need a new one, the issue started when the X-mas stuff got put in because there was never an issue before or it could be a coincidence with the router going south as well, oh well need coffee and do-nuts before I can function...
  2. I had an issue yesterday with disconnecting while idle for a few mins if I kept moving and doing stuff it was fine but as soon as I went idle like get up to go do something then came back like 5 mins later 90% of the time my toons would disconnect...
  3. We are down again sorry to say...
  4. Server is Down i think we had a problem last year when the X-mas stuff was put in i could be wrong but i do remember some problems..
  5. Server acting up no hud display and some buffs not working, gate takes forever to open and mobs shooting me from 30k away a restart might clear it up...
  6. i got a inv 300 error 2 times today on the launcher but was able to log in after a second try if that is any help and while in game gate crashed 3 times and then logged off to go eat dinner and now it is down..
  7. server login is down but the toons were still ok as long as you didn't leave sector so i just logged off to be safe..
  8. Take care cry baby and this is not an Airport you don't have to announce your departure.
  9. Kyp is there anyway that you guys could grant Woody the ability to restart the server if needed he is on 24/7 and i am sure he can more than handle the job if needed and if that doesn't solve the problem then he can report to you guys that it needs your attention, just a thought.....
  10. 45 million is like 2 hrs of mining Gas or killing mobs in BBW or Paramis no big deal...
  11. may need a server reset to see if the crashing gets better because right now at times i can't even make it thru three gates or a WH other than that everything seems fine but the crash or hanging up is a problem right now...
  12. Zack how dare you have a life and visit friends when the server is down. Some of you are Typical live in your mothers basement idiots that if you can't get your way throw a fit. MarkemT are you happy now that Zack found your Binky and favorite blanket again, i just can't for the life of me understand how so many people are just a%%holes and all they care is if the server is down because as i stated have no live other than a computer and a served pop tart from their mother. Zack and Kyp for the rest of us that have lives i attended a crawfish boil and drank beer and spent time outside yesterday anyway thank you for all the hard work that you do i and alot of others appreciate it, rock on LDEVS you guys are awesome...
  13. not attacking the game per say attacking the server provider host.
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