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Agrippa Stage Questions

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[quote name='Klyde' timestamp='1342574493' post='60561']
The basic tokens unlock agrippa missions. Go to Mars and chat with the relevant npc's there for what missions are available and where. :)

Been there done that. The only thing i can do with the tokens on my PP is trade them in or break them down for other tokens or sell them. The PP NPC Coligiata Nota (sp) has no other offer for the privateer.

When I say I have spent hours, I really mean hours, exploring every conceivable NPC at all associated with progens on every station, in every sector, and by all my characters.

An oddity that has just arisen on my pw is via agrippa weapons build stage II. it references me to "obtain a device" by ripping a shield. This mission was not available when I posted my original post last month from the NPC and it doesn't greate any mission in the log either.... just says to bring the device.

I should, and probably will just level up a newbie progen now that all of the hull upgrade missions are available and complete the agrippa technology via that manner. But the most confusing at this time is the roadblock the pp and comp method he is experiencing. The point of my posts are not to complain about this or that, but to make sure that B understands what it looks like, how they preform, and what a player deals with in doing his missions. It is for clarity sake and nothing else. The level of confusion, from a long experienced Baykhee mission participant, is perplexing. it may simply be limitations that are the result of the parameters of the code and game, if so, then there has got to be an alternative source of information that helps explains these missions, the tokens, the symbols, and such.

Perhaps add an NPC that has each mission chat tree, accessible for a fee or something, that can show a player what missions they have done, can do, and are unable to do. The information is already being processed by the game engine when the various NPCs of agrippa deny or grant access to their specific lines. Just a thought. Edited by Muhir
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I got a problem with Agrippa Component missions, I have completed the Stage II: Bypass Component examination, and now I can trade Stage II encryptions. I also got all the ammo components build for the Flechette, but now I cant get any other missions. Ive been trying the last week to figure out how to be able to build Stage II Blank Forms but to no avail. I really want to continue the agrippa, but as of now Im stuck.


I want to be able to get hold of Stage III encryptions in the future but for now it looks like its never gonna happen. 


This is for my alt Analisa. L128 PP atm.

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I am trying to remember how my PP got that build for the Blank Forms...  Try talking to Vigoare or Inquiro, I think they might be involved.


And then the PS is the toon that can turn in and obtain the Stage III encryptions, not the PP


Good luck

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Sentinel only

- Must have completed Stage I  Devices

- Must have completed Stage II Devices


Speak to Architecti Composita



(Research depends on the universe advancing before anything else can be created, you have reached the end of Stage II in Components).

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I don't understand this either, so I'll break down what I'd like to know into a few questions:


I have a OL74 PW, who has received her L50 Hull Upgrade, but hasn't done the Agrippa missions as of yet.  Is she still able to do the mission, including the ones that you have to turn in tokens for.  She's very close to reaching OL75, will she lose any ability to do Agrippa or Token missions if she makes that level but doesn't do her hull upgrade.  The mission "who turned out the ..." would be an example.


I have an OL84 PT who has received her L50 Hull, but hasn't done her L75 hull upgrade.  Can she qualify for all the missions, token/Agrippa related missions that she would otherwise qualify for, despite having passed OL75?  If she only qualifies for some of them, what's lost in her not qualifying for all of them?  Could she still do the mission "who turned out the ...", as an example?


Does being unable to do some Token missions, put some of the technology prints that would be obtained through Agrippa permanently out of reach? 


Are the Agrippa missions prerequisites for future non-Agrippa missions?


I'm not going to re-roll any of my Progen characters for Agrippa.  I'll do without first.


My PE is sub OL30 so it's not an issue for her, yet.

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First of all the good news is Agrippa's Stage I only becomes available after HU50 and when your character has whichever Build Skill at Level 5 (or 3 in Component's case). So sounds like you're right in the range to start even at OL74. :)

All the Stage I missions which are needed to progress to Stages II/III are cut off at HU100, but lots of time to get them finished.

So you know there is a cut off for the extra missions which are not directly part of agrippa (basically just the extra ammo types for low level weapons) at HU75, but these can be safely skipped.

As to your PT's situation you can still complete Stage I no problem but the extra missions for the other ammo types including the mission you mentioned of 'Hey who turned out the lights' will most likely be blocked unless you do a mission to unblock it which is done at mars and costs around 100k IIRC. I'm having trouble finding which mission it is on the wiki but ask around and hopefully someone else here or ingame remembers who to talk to for accessing Silver Token missions when higher level.

About your last question, Agrippa missions are their own self contained story and mission chain and it is highly unlikely that there will be a continuation or other missions added that have Agrippa mission as a prerequisite.


Anyway hope that helps but if not then this certainly will ;)


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Unless the rules have been changed .............. as long as you DO NOT do the 135 HU you can be 150+ . If i am wrong please accept my apologies but its the way i remember it .

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