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  1. I got a problem with Agrippa Component missions, I have completed the Stage II: Bypass Component examination, and now I can trade Stage II encryptions. I also got all the ammo components build for the Flechette, but now I cant get any other missions. Ive been trying the last week to figure out how to be able to build Stage II Blank Forms but to no avail. I really want to continue the agrippa, but as of now Im stuck.   I want to be able to get hold of Stage III encryptions in the future but for now it looks like its never gonna happen.    This is for my alt Analisa. L128 PP atm.
  2. I havent had much trouble tonight after the Adobe Reader updated itself, weird. I will continue monitoring if the bug reappears and post reply after that.
  3. Ive tried both Logitech and Razer mouse so far.
  4. Dont have mouse port on my computer so that is not an option on my laptop, I can try using a different usb port tho. and Im not using wireless mouse nor keyboard. Im using the laptops own keyboard, and using a wired Razer mouse atm.
  5. I still got the problem, I dont have the drivers installed for the mouse can that be the issue? Its weird if so, because I havent got this problem before, with or without mouse drivers
  6. ok, will do that and report if I get the problem back or not
  7. Im running this game on Win 8.1. Got the game on a Acer Aspire V3-771G. i7-3610QM 2.3GHz, Nvidia Geforce GT 640M, 12GB DDR3 RAM, and running it on WIFI.   I have disconnected IPv6, and got all 4 boxes checked. Ive tried to play the game on full screen and windowed and with multibox, but get the malfunction anyway.
  8. Hi, I got a weird problem. When I play EnB and only then, I get this weird mouse button issue. The button is auto clicking like mad, its so bad that its costing me several items, as it is dragging random items out of cargo, and if Im not careful enough to avoid yes on the destroy prompt... I've tested several mice, of seperate brands to no avail. I've talked to others having that same problem.    Is there a solution for this? Other than quit playing EnB that is :P   Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi there.   Is there something wrong with the Net-7.org today? It is very slow and sometimes unresponsive.   Just thought you should know just in case you didn't know.    
  10. Server is restarting or went down now at least
  11. Login server is down, I got toons online in the game, and several is trying to log a second toon in, to no avail. Tried it myself and I cant get another toon in myself
  12. I dont know if this has been mentioned earlier, but can you add a new filter on the database to see if an item is buyable from a vendor or not. This way it is easier to check the ones you can or can't buy.  
  13. I havent had this problem before, weird it should start acting up now   This is the message I get.   Rejected: Something is not correct with this move - please inform the webdevs! Please open a ticket (menu) and supply the avatar name and your game(!) account name.
  14. Im having trouble transfering my avatars around. Is this feature closed or is it bugged?    
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