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  1. Meh... we should just wipe guilds and let the dust settle for a bit!     Not that I have a longing for chaos and total anarchy or anything.......
  2. Is there a Facebook page for the emu?  That alone could help.     EDIT:  Nevermind.... found it.
  3.     There were also a few stragglers that were not there for any other reason than to help clean up the mess.  I waived good bye with me and my progens before looting even started.  I wasn't the only one that did this.  I didn't hardly even engage the bosses but rather killed mostly adds and keeping a lot of agro on my pw.    I didn't do it for any other reason than to not mine for a bit.    Despite the chaos, it was kinda fun.  It was clear though, that Fish's group was in control.  Hopefully, those that haven't been there, saw and learned and next time it goes better.
  4. Its wholly been my experience to find weapons and gear that interests you is the best way.  There are no absolutes in terms of weaponry at any level except maybe lvl 5 Rifles and Dirk/Claymore.   A couple of things to keep in mind as you decide on your weapon selection.  Player made ammo does much more damage than buying it from the vendor.  Some of your exotic weapons under lvl 9 require player made comps.  If you don't have access to a comp builder or ores, it can be a pain in the touche getting ammo.  Your basic weapons at lvl 9 will also require player made comps for superior ammo as well.  So, just be prepared.  Additionally, while the Claw of the Dragon is fantastic because of the turbo buff, obtaining ammo right now seems to be a near impossible task.   Here are a couple of selections that you may find useful or fun as well.   Lvl 5 Baron LaCroix Arun.   Gives a scan bonus that is handy as a blind a$$ progen. Lvl 6-7 Longbow    Great Grapic. Lvl 7 Zen power Cannon   Terrible buffs but best DPS per weapon lvl 7-8 Flachettes   Good little weapons with some decent buffs to them Lvl 9 Flachette   If you're not a raiding PW then there is nothing better for turbo.   A couple of other notes to ponder as well.  How you debuff your enemy is key.  Progens are designed to debuff impact and chem.  Many mobs have huge resistances to impact that it makes it almost worthless at higher levels, but chem is solid.  The Basilisks run from 3-9 and should be standard equipment on any progen.  Progen's can not debuff plasma (without a Bully eye from Roc----currently closed or a tatsu device) so unless you have a debuffer in your pocket not much point in getting hung up on it.  Just debuff impact or chem and get along with leveling and not worry about it.    PW and PS with grav link 5 you get a debuff to impact and explosive.  It increases with GL 6-7 as well.  GL7 debuff stacks with the Skirmish debuff so it makes a fairly powerful combination.  But, the Skirmish debuff will be wiped off by any application of GL lower than 7.  Just some thoughts, hope you find them helpful.
  5.     Especially when he talkz Appalachian Hillbilly with a British accent.  May as well be from another planet.      :P
  6. Good stories.... mine is a slight bastardization of the gaelic version origins of my family name.  I adopted the change in E&B live and have used it ever since.  It seemed a bit cumbersome in its original form.      "Mac Ghille Mhuire translates as 'son of the virgin Mary's servant."  The origins of my family name.  An ancient Clan of the Isle of Lewis and Isle of Man in Scotland.
  7.   I've been playing this game for a little while now and I've found that having a discussion with someone in game is generally a more productive avenue than a rant.  Not that I don't enjoy a good rant, haven't let one loose myself, but a rant will elicit the response that you have seen in this thread.   In general, you are correct.  The end-game content requires you to join a guild and do the camping/farming for items.  It can get frustrating when your mob gets killed by another player (damn JDs and their cloak), but usually a word with them will correct the behavior.  If they continue it, contact a guild officer.  If it is still not addressed, then by all means rant away and give specifics.  No one likes to have their boorish behavior aired in public and be humiliated by the community for being a world class person.     Edit: Oh, and for the record, its ALWAYS Bell's fault.
  8. Stop drinking and posting..... it's almost as bad as drunk dialing!
  9. A few of us did write ups as guides a while back.  I do not know how accurate they are still but I am sure you can find them Ryle since you did a few as well.  Maybe updating them, or just posting them somewhere they can be open-sourced may help out a ton too.
  10. 1. Yes   There are in game terminals that you can alter your appearance.  The one's I've seen are at Jen Pie stations just before you enter from the docking bay. 2. Yes.  Progen Sentinels have an ability "Call Forward" or "CF" where by you purchase a device in Endraigo, install it, and a PS will reset your desired skill to Zero. 3. Sort of....   Decide what your game play style you prefer and adjust your sp's.  If you have the cash for repeated CF's then feel free to adjust at will. 4. BEAMS..... BEAMS..... BEAMS  (stinking Jen Pies and their OP'd combat cloak)
  11. Personally, I have an issue with being able to backdoor stage I.   Stage II basics, I don't mind, especially ammo for PWs and PP.  But, there should be some reward for taking the time and expense and effort at level.  Simply getting in after you're big enough, rich enough, and have the sp's enough to do as you wish does nothing to incentivize those at level to do the missions.  Its just a matter of time before the Kenelz missions are well enough known that people will start stockpiling the items needed to quickly blast through content and missions that were designed (in hours and hours of effort) to take some time to do.   Personally, I'd find it very irritating that after all the effort and time and credits I dumped into completing Agrippa at level someone could simply buy this and that and instantly have the same builds and skills that it took me hours and days to acquire.   Just my .02 worth here and certainly no more right that anyone else.
  12. I've not been on in a few days, but the last time I was logged in, my PS kept crashing while gating in formation.  No other toon, just the PS.  I thought this was a bit odd, so decided to try a few things.   1.  Problem PS crashing as group lead on my main pc while dual boxing another client PP and with my pw in formation on a client opened by another computer (lap top sitting next to my PC).    2.  Changed lead to PP and re-invited everyone.  Gated repeatedly no issues.   3. Dropped group entirely, invites by pw on lap-top.  Gated repeatedly without issues.   4.  Dropped 2nd client from pc (running only lap-top and single PC client).  PW (lap top) as lead, no issues gating.   5.  Switched lead to PS (PC) crashed repeatedly while grouped.   6.  Switched PS to lap-top and PW to PC and had no issues either way with gating multiple times.   7.  Opened up second client again on the PC and rotated all three as lead, no issues gating.   Conclusion:   Being a computer idiot, the only thing that seems to make sense is that somewhere in the files for the PS on my PC something has gone wonky (technical term).  I don't even know where to begin to look for said files, and even if I did, I'd probably do something catastrophic.    Perhaps there was something related to this situation that has affected the OP as well.
  13.     Devices, without a doubt.  But shields to build lvl 2 for the amplector omega (sp) is also a must.  Don't forget you can always call these skills if you don't have an abundance of skill points.
  14. Agrippa was intended to be done as you leveled up.  Back doors were placed into to the mission lines via mission or invites from those progens that have them.  As I've done all my Agrippa at level, I am not at all informed as to what the steps are or whether or not you can even do Stage I or III via the backdoors.    Since the PS is devices and shields, it would seem that at the very least Stage II would be available via invite.  That doesn't get you the SOOA or the Stage III encryption however, so its value is only in producing the Tactical Advantage Beta (L8).  I know a couple of JE's that have done the route via invite only to find that they were stymied from Stage III.   Yet, the obvious question then is why didn't you do Agrippa at level?  Especially with three toons to share the effort, the cost, and the frustration?  Why did you wait until 150 when the NPCs were telling you all along what level, hull up grade and whatnot you needed to have?  There is a TON of information here and lots of people in game that would have made it much less frustrating if you hadn't waited until you max'd out your toons to do it.
  15. if we had a higher population, then we'd see much more diversity and activity in the market.  Including, but definitely not limited to Agrippa.    During the ST's, I had max leveled my main toons prior to the introduction of Agrippa, as a result, I started another couple of toons to do it.  There was no back door at the time, much to my consternation.  At that time, I found a lot of bugs, hiccups, and other issues as noted by my detailed thread about it.  Personally, I enjoy the madness and the challenge of it.  I do think that more items need to be included in it to encourage lower level participation.   Right now, there is such a stigma to Arrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggg  rippa, that a lot of low level progens are flat skipping it.  The expense of doing it at level is out of control without just reward at that level.  I will be putting forward a posting in the next few days that will offer up some suggestions that may expand the participation in Agrippa as a whole.    But, as a line of missions and tech, its is one of the better and most dynamic in the game!
  16. I have a PS that does devices, PP that does weapons, shields, comps, and reactors, and the PW does weapons (just to get the ammo flavors), I have gotten assistance where needed without issue.    Additionally, I have literally built 222 SOOA's for exchanges and such for my use and for many other players.  On top of all that, I've sold via trade over 100 million credits worth of Agrippa items.   So, ya, working as intended.
  17. Hey kyp, while you're bit!@ing at the isp peeps, how bout a mention of megan hour and the cluster it create.     :D :D :D :D :D
  18. Duh.... the most obvious of them all!   BBW   When I first saw it in a personals add, I was trying to figure out what her RD faction had to be!  Then I met her, and I realized I clearly came unprepared.  No one told me I had to have a harpoon to play that game!
  19. Morning Zack,   I wasn't ignoring you this time.  I wanted to run and see what issues/fixes were happening.  First, my issues were not so much gating/docking but mid-fight/flight/or just standing around doing nothing.  That's when most of my crashes were occurring.   After listening to you in chat yesterday with some of the other peoples and waling them through the resetting of the properties on the NIC, I wen back into mine reset everything to default, then shut my computer down (pc won't worry about laptop and wireless for now) then wen back and followed what you had said in chat and in this thread.  I ran fairly stable with only the occasional dock/gate to Megan (one or two times) for the entirety of yesterday.  I left myself logged in when I went afk or was doing something else and did not come back to find myself locked up.   I did experience significant lag while fighting mobs, much more so than is normal, but my connection did stay stable.  I will update if it changes, but for now, it looks solid.
  20. I've not heard anything on my issues.  I am still going through the same problems.     A couple things that seems to be happening, as I said before its almost as if my router gets "full" then has to reset itself.  If i try to launch the client immediately the entire top of the launcher "grays" out or the server comes up as "offline."    Before you simply dismiss this as an entirely "me" issue, understand that at times my son hosts a minecraft server while playing league of legends and streaming music and videos all at the same time with skype running.  The ONLY program that exists on my machine that is problematic is EnB.  I've run EnB on these two machines (laptop wirelessly and PC) since the tail end of ST2 and only since last thursday have I had these problems.  Sure I had the random gate to megan or dock to megan, but this is just flat silly now.  I lock up and have to task manage my way out of the game regularly.   Help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I show it as down now and cannot log in at this time.
  22. I've been experiencing massive issues just the last two days or so as well.   I could blame my older than dirt router if it wasn't operating just fine with everything else.  My kid plays WoW and League of Legends and hosts a Minecraft server at times.  Very very very few issues.  I have an old linksys wireless-g 2.4 router.   I've tried the fix you have at the top of this post, and it worked reasonably well for a while, but still couldn't gate grouped without it locking up at least one toon.   It really is acting as if something is corrupted in the install or or the game itself now.  The reason i say this is after these last few HARD crashes where i have to task manager my way out of the game, both my lap top and PC fail to connect to the login server.  In fact, it shows it off line as we speak.  If i give it a few mins to totally reset, then its fine.   My network path:   PC >>>>>>>>   Gateway This is what shows up when I open the gateway and then open the "network device" tab (Linksys Inc. WRT54G v3.03.1 uuid:0012-17b0-3e2c00008edc and ip)   >>>>>>>>>   Internet
  23. Guess Zack couldn't log in and warn us of the restart!    
  24. I don't remember the total cost of Agrippa during ST3 and 4, but the cost now is extreme.  Without a very kind benefactor, I would be impossible to do the Agrippa line at level with the resources available within the structure of the game.   I know, I tried.  With three toons, including a miner, there was no way I could keep up with the credit cost on each toon.  That cost should be examined.  My total out lay in terms of cost of items, comps, and fees charged (including the failing on multiple occasions of items) was well over 40 million credits.  My pp had to take every examination at least twice and reactors took him six times to print.  At a million per shot, at OL 105 ish, that is a tremendous outlay of cash.
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