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Location...Location...Location....Where you from?

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Mike from the UK here. age 46

Small village on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors called Middleton.

Started playing EnB 6 months after release on Galileo. Founding member of "The Borg" joining "Manus Ignota" shortly before sunset. Speaking of which, where is Orion Pax these days.

Drednaut 150 PS / Vautex 150 JE / Pheebi 150 JD / Cheetarah 140 TE / Rhomi 140 PW

Discovered EnB by chance through my brother-in-law who's brother came across a demo on another game (forget which game that was) as EnB was never released/promoted outside of the US (big mistake). I sat for hours round at my bro in laws watching him play and was totally mesmerised by it. At that time I didnt even have a computor and had never considered getting one. Four weeks later I logged into the game.

Began playing the single player versions about 2yrs ago but missed ST1 & 2 and joined ST3 about 2 months ago. Cant remember how or where I found out about the emu but cant explain how happy I was when I found it and first logged my PS back into space.

Thanks to everyone involved with this project.

PS: Snow began to thaw here about a week ago, now its just cold, wet and windy, and Im miserable, bring back the snow and lots of it plzzzzz!!!

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I'm retired and travelling. Living in a variety of places. Puerto Vallarta Mexico, San Jose and LA (Venice) when visa permits, and Sheffield UK.

Its tough but someone has to do it.

Agree with most of the points about CA above - seen Fire, Flood and Earthquake, and had a tour of South Central, Crenshaw the other day but no riot.

Mexico is a bit better - just flood and several shootings. For some reason its the Canadians being shot at in drugs related incidents.

And Sheffield is just snow and rain.

Loving the game. A big thankyou to the team.

It reminds me of why I went to Eve, it was the next best thing ie. second best. This is, by far, better. Loving the new race types.

If anyone is interested in reforming British Space Corps let me know - there are a few of us hanging out at OMP already. It neednt be restricted to brits as we always had a wide selection of peops from USA, South Africa, europe and elsewhere.

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No Not where Hillary Clinton is ... Or Sarah Palin .... In between in this foreign place Called Canada.... Calgary Alberta to be exact...

I was the # 2 of Xtreme force on Orion and anDRAMAda and we had just started to expand into a 3rd server when the day from hell happened. I was an E&B beta , then wounf up in live before the Vrix ganked the Progen. I remember flying arround Provenir Mons the day it happend .... I WANT THE WEPON THAT DID THaT!

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Upstate New York USA. A little town called Stillwater right on the Hudson river, just south of the Saratoga Battle Grounds, where we taught the British a lesson and sent them packing back to their Queen mum.

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Perth , Australia.

Born in London moved here when I was 10.

My uncle in the UK introduced me to this during trip back on my honeymoon and I played at sunset all guns blazing in fishbowl.

Like many others, my first MMO and still a brilliant game.

Beta+ now and loving being a small part in the team.

Alkemmi/Munitor/Fyter were my ingame names on Pegasus.

My main atm are Probuild / Patch and my generous alts are Itemvault / Shinyvault.

I'm on Teamspeak when I'm in game for asssistance as I hate typing ..


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Just outside Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We're skipping winter this year. No snow on the ground and it's going to rain today with temps around 6 degrees C.

Played until sunset and every stress test since.

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[quote name='Zap' timestamp='1264164173' post='4353']
Im from Stathelle(Telemark) Norway.

Currently live in Birkenhead, Liverpool. United Kingdom.

Played in beta(live) til about a month before sunset.

Love this game.

My old Guild where: from start to finish:
*Iron Overlords, Stark Reality, Rest In Peace, Gun's for hire*

To the Devs and GM's:

Keep up the good work people.

What up Zap?
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Lisbon, Portugal

Due to work and family, only managed to get back in game a couple weeks ago.

My very first MMO, started playing a couple weeks after release until a month before sunset.
My server was Andromeda, my 2 main characters were Luispaulo (TE) and Luispw (PW of course)

Anyone out there from the guild, back in live, Andromeda Elite?

Awesome job Devs... keep up the good work!!
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[quote name='Zinlu' timestamp='1264352155' post='4902']
Shy and I live in Macon, Georgia. My mom, Quantri, is just up the road in Juliette. We're about an hour and a half south of Atlanta, GA.

Very nice place. Love the ice tea :D

Now in the East Midlands, UK
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