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  1. Thanks, I think it is a perfect thing to help promote the game.
  2. sure mate, feel free to use it too.
    here's the link
  3. Hey dude, the Emulator User and Proud of it image in your sig, are you willing to let others use it too?
  4. I was thinking of having all maps in one place. Tried to gather all of them in an album. Here you go: EnB 1 EnB 2 EnB 3 EnB 4 wwgalacticwhite wwgalacticblack EnB Emu map EnB dev map EnB Gaden EnB galacticmap v6 EnB galacticmap v9 starmap
  5. I guess this is all related to the graphical issues we had the last days. Server seems to loosing packadges after the latest fix with the reduced footprints. Hairs and faces missing, Sky turns purple and flashes, etc.
  6. Is there a site where I can find sounds, like tatao commercials etc. ?
  7. Yes. The majority of the players are playing on ST4 as they want to see the game go live. We all know that ST4 as the previous ones, is goin to be limited. I guess most of us are here to report bugs and issues. Well... having fun at the same time is not bad As for the bugs and crashes... I do not expect to see everything fixed within a day or two. The code is not such an easy thing to build/rebuild and it will take time. Let me remind you that a team of 100+ developers were working for other games such as STO and it took them 5 years+ to deliver a final result which still have minor bugs. The Devs team is working on the right direction. I would say (even if it is a S.T. phrase) "all hands to battle stations", help the Devs team the way you can. Andreas
  8. Hah... I hope you re not the builder I'm looking for
  9. So, How you can make all EnBemu players to get back on the forum and read some...?? "Shutdown the server for 12 hours" !!! Result: You can see the result on the number of names appearing online on the forum... Keep it down guys... it will bring us closer!!! Have fun!!
  10. I am Andreas. I am from Thessaloniki, Greece !!! Still have some greek friends playing EnB ! Have fun all !
  11. That's why I am posting this idea. The problem is not a small station with just 1-2 components vendors. The problem is when you have a station with 5-6 components vendors and you need to buy for example lvl4 comps but if you dont remember who of them is selling the lvl4 you have to talk to all of them first until you find the right one. There is no other indication about the lvl of components that each of them is selling. Some of them they do not tell you directly before you trade. They are only telling you a sentence of this type "your race is always welcome at my booth".
  12. I am not reporting an issue. I'm just posting a suggestion. That's the forum section for isn't it?
  13. Hello all. I think that a nice idea would be to have some kind of indicators on component vendors. Something like a flag maybe? indicating the level of components each vendor selling. Or we can just keep trying to check all vendors until we get the right one Thanks. Andreas.
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