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  1. Phoenix AZ here. Andromeda server from Beta to the end... "Sundance Keshik" then "Merchant Marines" guilds.
  2. Where exactly does that go. My current target reads as such: "C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\Earth & Beyond\Character and Starship Creator\Character and Starship Creator.exe" Attempting to insert -noclassrestrictions immediately before or after .exe causes Win7 to pop error messages.
  3. Been seeing lots of references to the Terran Scout, Jenquai Trader and Progen Trader classes being played, but I am a bit stumped as to how I might actually create and play one. I heard from other players to download the character creator, but it only has the original 6 race/class combos available. How do I go about creating one of the "new" classes?
  4. Problem fixed. Got to play the game for the first time in almost 9 years!
  5. I am having the exact same problem, and ensuring that the "windowed mode" box is unchecked does NOT resolve the issue. To be honest I would not even give a crap and run it in windowed mode, but I am also unable to enlarge the game screen in any way. I should probably point out I am using Win 7 Professional 64. I used to play E&B back in the Westwood/EA days on a WinXP machine and had no problems like this.
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