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  1. My provider switched the php version, sorry for the issues. I'll try to fix it.
  2. I know, enbmaps.de is wrong, the information was from ST4 / Beta, better u'll take the faction from the portal
  3. Welcome, but why don't you tell all other people where did you find the map? Let me guess... [url="http://enbmaps.de"]enbmaps.de[/url] ?
  4. You're welcome - The buttons for ore and mobs aren't yet implemented. I haven't managed to collect the data. In addition to my work I'm also going to school and there isn't enough freetime. - The search function is planned.
  5. Hi, for some time I can't log into the game and can't call the EnB-Emulator website. I get only the Error 403 - Forbidden. Could it be that the IPv4-range (91.52.*.*) from my Provider (T-Online Germany) is banned? If I use different Provider (T-Mobile Germany), then I haven't the problems. Greetings Dodger
  6. Jupiter, Glorys Orbit, Swooping Eagle, Ishuan.... done! Joblevel... done!
  7. Back in town... I'll add the navs soon as possible.
  8. Kassina Reward found, added, done Looters Hovel currently not found, maybe you can tell me the coords? But now im in holiday till 10th August. Have fun
  9. [quote name='Riz' timestamp='1311720442' post='43665'] I enjoy it too. Got a couple navs I cannot reconcile between the site and the game, but still absolutely wonderful site. [/quote] If you can tell me in which sectors are the differences of the navs would it help to update the site.
  10. I'm the owner... What's up?
  11. Thanx for the link to my site
  12. I'm from Emden in Germany... It cold here too: -6°C (21,2°F):Pt;
  13. Hi, I'm the creator of the website eb.mohao.de... I know that lack an overviewmap on my site. Yesterday I started to play EnB again and in the nearly next time I'll update my site. If I can help you please contact me, I don't bite Greetz Dodger
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